Facilities Management Brand and Design

Brand and design for a Facilities Management company

IFS is a Facilities Management service provider to the mining industry. Initially, this was a rebrand project for a private equity portfolio company, which evolved into a fully outsourced brand management client for the facilities management company.

Rebranding a company poised for growth.

A private equity company contacted us in 2012. An investment portfolio company had just been acquired, and its brand was in need of some TLC!

A facilities management company serving primarily the mining industry. Branding and collateral were outdated and sparse – certainly not aligned with the company's vision.

An extensive rebranding was conducted by IFS (International Facilities Services). In addition to changing their name (formerly International Site Services), they also changed their logo.

After this was designed, it was carried throughout the rest of the brand collateral as well.

Facilities Managmene for the mining industry logo design for IFS by Halo Media
Example of a Facilities Management Mining Indaba Exhibition Stand Design for IFS, by Halo Media
Facilities Management Website Design mockup
Faciilities Management branding on an airplane for IFS by Halo Media

Rebranding an existing business requires different considerations than a new one.

  • We needed to continue a strong relationship with the goodwill of the former brand and their existing customers
  • We needed to ensure that the brand was suited to the mining industry as their key customer and their future clients
  • We needed to ensure that the brand could be reproduced well across a versatile range of brand applications – from a web banner to aeroplane branding

In collaboration with the investment team, our role was to grow the brand and its impact in the marketplace.

Over an 8-year period, we were an outsourced marketing and branding team. Through this, they were able to expand. We set up templates and systems to allow their internal system to continue the brand management thereafter.

Our brand and marketing design services included

  • Corporate identity
  • Brochures and reports
  • Tender design and collation
  • Exhibition stand design & collateral
  • Newsletter content & design
  • Franchise brand development
  • Health & safety campaigns
  • PowerPoint presentation design
  • Research & infographics
  • Signage design
  • Uniform branding
  • Vehicle & aeroplane branding
  • Video production
  • Website design
  • Internal sales platform

Exhibition stand design

We've designed a range of exhibition stands for mining industry events. These included Mining Indaba through to country-specific roadshows in African countries like Mozambique and the DRC.

Example of a brand website for facilities management for IFS

Website design & development

We developed several websites for IFS, which range from their corporate site and franchise product sites to a bespoke online library and brand hub, which allowed an ordering system for all their marketing and brand materials.

PowerPoint presentation design

Our interactive PowerPoint presentations have been particularly popular with IFS. They have a diverse service range across many countries. Having a PowerPoint that allows the user to self-navigate provides an engaging and interactive experience.

Design and brand management for a large international facilities management brand

Managing a large brand, which has a footprint across 8 countries, working in 6 languages means you need an organised team working to a plan.

We needed to plan this brand sensibly. For example, if we did a tender design in English, we'd need to make a provision for it to be translated into another language. We'd regularly need to translate and format content into Portuguese (Mozambican dialect), French, Afrikaans, Swahili and isiZulu.

Many of these languages have a character count, which is longer than English. Therefore, we needed to allow for the expansion of text – across hundreds of pages of design, and design accordingly.

Producing thousands of pieces of collateral under tight deadlines requires close attention to detail and meticulous project management.

We set up systems for version control and categories of requests. Part of this was a bespoke Brand Hub cloud platform to allow the company to access a full catalogue of brand materials. This included all:

  • Logo & Brand Guidelines
  • Stationery
  • Marketing material (PowerPoint presentations and brochures)
  • Image and asset library
  • Event calendar for planning known events like Mining Indaba
  • Uniform ordering
  • Health, Safety and Culture campaign libraries (for quick download of existing campaigns)
  • An accountability log to capture who requested what, and when, for audit purposes

The benefit of our long-term partnership provided a constant during the evolution of this company. We were able to provide advisory services for marketing and brand-related queries and guidance for their new employees. This is where the real strength of a long-term retained brand partner comes in!

“The energy, drive, creativity and positivity brought to the table by Halo, turned our company image from barely recognisable to one of the standout brands in our industry in under 12 months.

Reaching across continents, cultures and skill levels, Halo has been excellent in identifying the needs relating to each segment and, through innovative ideas, have been influential in bringing these projects to life.

Not only does Halo’s thorough preparation and execution continue to impress, but their willingness to work under pressure without affecting their stride has been a godsend for our last-minute projects and changes, often requiring content in a different language.

We definitely have the competitive edge with Halo in our corner."

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