Employer Branding Design and Marketing for Unilever

Employer branding and design for Unilever

Employer branding is vital for companies that are invested in finding the best people to work with them. So when Unilever approached Halo Media to assist with achieving their pan-African employer branding goals, we jumped at the opportunity!

Employer Branding, design and marketing for a global brand

Employer brand marketing is close to our hearts. We’ve been doing it since 2011, especially enjoying it with Unilever. 

As with most brand development initiatives, employer brand campaigns are particularly successful when there is strong consistency. Unilever's Head Office in Africa required a marketing and brand partner who was strong in corporate brand, conceptualisation and production. So they called Halo!

With Unilever, their core brand is well planned out to ensure consistency. This was a crucial and successful plan for their identity agency to plan, even more so because of their global presence. When they redefined its branding (circa 2013), we were one of the first agencies globally to roll out the new look. Our designs and campaigns were shared with employer branding teams in key locations in Africa.

The elements of a successful employer brand graduate recruitment campaign include:

  • Concepts:
    Our creative team, together with our copywriter, come up with the core message and the supporting imagery.
  • Photoshoot:
    Once the design style has been approved, we organise a photoshoot. With a career campaign, we photograph actual graduates. This allows for our campaigns to have real people and not stock imagery.
  • Print material:
    We design brochures, leaflets and other printed collateral to be shared with potential recruits. These range from A5 flyers to A3 fold-up brochures.
  • Digital media:
    We supply all printed material in a digital format for Unilever to use on their graduate recruitment campaigns. This can be emailed out to the relevant tertiary institutions or shared via their website.
  • Exhibition stands:
    We have designed multiple stands for the graduate recruitment team. The type of stand is determined by the nature and size of the roadshow they are attending. This means they vary from simple banner walls to full exhibition stands.
  • PowerPoint presentations:
    When meeting with the graduates, the HR team walk them through the process and benefits of the Unilever graduate programme. We design their PowerPoint templates and presentations.
  • Internal support material:
    Once the graduates are on board, there are various handbooks and toolkits. These include printed diaries, interactive pdfs, etc.
  • Social media:
    We supply artwork as editable files to their social media management team for Twitter and their Facebook page. This is given to them to ensure that the online media is compatible with the print material.

Award winning success

Winning “Best Advert” from GradX as an industry award for employer branding was a proud moment for us.

We were also one of the first agencies to roll out the global brand when they updated, and we were the lead design agency of contact for the African territories Graduation material.

Employer brand and marketing design services include

Conceptualisation & Strategy

  • Employer Brand strategy
  • Concept designs & Theme logos
  • Research
  • Copywriting

Visual identity

  • Custom photoshoots
  • Brochure designs
  • Advertising
  • PowerPoint Presentation design

Roadshows & Expos

  • Exhibition stand design & collateral
  • Publication content & design
  • Social media graphics
  • Onboarding materials

Employer Branding Campaigns

Each year we'd develop a new campaign. This would consist of research and conceptualisation. Thereafter we'd organise a photoshoot and create the base graphics. These would then be rolled out into brochureware, digital marketing, roadshow material and any visual assets that were required.

On-boarding handbooks

Employer branding continues into their value proposition and how they onboard the new recruit. Our role included designing interactive handbooks for interns and new graduates. These handbooks not only educate and motivate, but they provide the necessary guides for working at Unilever.


Graduate roadshows are key elements of employer branding. They create awareness and a point of entry to their graduate programme. We designed their full exhibition stands. This included on-site brochureware, videos, t-shirts etc. We'd also create social media graphics and content to promote the events online.

Example of an employer brand poster with graduates walking past

An example of an employer branding campaign

Top employers educate, motivate and provide opportunities. This applies not only to the people they end up hiring but to those who didn't make it.

We worked with the Graduate Recruitment team to position Unilever as an Employer of Choice. We'd do this by educating applicants. Not only would it create a better opportunity for them within Unilever, but it upskills all graduates who did the modules, creating better opportunities for individuals alike.

When presented with this challenge, we decided on creating a small LDP – Learning Development Platform. This would enable learners to work through modules in their own time.

We chose a route which enabled a greater reach than a formalised LMS (Learning Management System) but could be contained within a smaller budget via simple web platform.

Once we'd decided on a route, their team set about creating the base content, and we worked on how we'd roll it out.

So how do you make a difference in the lives of thousands of applicants? We help them level up.

We came up with a campaign called "Level-Up". The campaign was chosen to align with cultural terminology to take your progress up a level.

The campaign included:

  • Concept & theme design
  • Learning modules – designed as PowerPoint presentations so their team could keep them updated
  • An LMS website – this was a simple website which allowed for the download of modules and interaction with the users.
  • Posters, Banners and roadshow exhibition support
  • Social media branding

“A very talented and professional team. Our partnership with Halo is very good. They go above and beyond for projects!”

– Mpho | Talent Officer, Unilever

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