A creative agency with a difference

We are a UK and South African-based creative agency. We specialise in B2B brand and communication design for companies that are serious about their brands.

We combine strategy, design and communication solutions for niche industry sectors including mining, finance and investment.


We're different because we're designers who think.

We think about your challenges, and the solution to create a positive impact on your business.

Hi, we're Halo

Halo Media originated in Durban, South Africa in 2006, but now also operates from the United Kingdom as The Halo Media Group Ltd.


We’re not just a creative agency, we’re business designers.

136 years – that's how long we've been in the business of design! That’s a lot for a team of 8 (we’ll save you the maths, it’s an average of 17 years of experience each!).

Since 2007, we’ve launched small start-up brands through to creating communication solutions for six of the top companies in the world.

We call ourselves business designers since we don’t just churn out something that only looks pretty but doesn’t make a difference. We ask questions, then think! We analyse your business needs and then find a solution that brings a return on your investment


Why choose a B2B creative agency?

Today’s fiercely competitive and ever-changing creative industry demands specialists. No longer does a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach work.

So we've done the hard yards to specialise in working with B2B branding and communication design, and this passion has led to top global brands choosing to work with us.

Through focusing on mining, investment and finance, we work with interlinked industries that need a professional brand and communication design solution. We've learned the tips and tricks to creating creative solutions that are business savvy and prioritise your needs.

Why choose Halo?

Our creative agency has offices in the UK and in South Africa. We work with companies who are serious about their brands, and in return, we offer a highly dedicated, skilled and experienced team.

Small. We've chosen to be small. We believe small brings focus and allows all members of our team to interact with your business.

Personal: We choose to be personal and to work with clients who we fit well with. With companies to who we can bring value, and working with people who we like. Let’s face it, if you don’t enjoy working with us, how can you trust us with your brand?

Experienced: We're very experienced … we're all professional designers and content creators, so it's not a side hobby … it's our purpose! Through working with leading international brands, we've been schooled in global standards and expectations.


Through this “halo effect” our clients can deliver to their market proficiently, on time and within budget. The halo effect is about creating a brand experience. One that you’ll keep coming back for. We’d love for you to be next.

Our values

Leadership is an action, not a position.

Without purpose, you have no direction

We've been blessed with over 15 years of success and believe it is because we're values-driven.

It's not lip service when we say that we work from a foundation of integrity, good ethics and a need to provide value. If we're not providing value, we have no purpose, so it underpins our thought processes and decisions.


Our vision is for "Balanced Abundance". We know that a healthy life is a balanced one, so we ensure that balance through respect, good systems and boundaries. We want abundance for our clients, our team and the communities we serve.

Our people

Our work is corporate.

We're not.

Our studios are full of noise, laughter, friendship and food.

This culture is important to us and we love it.

Hayes Cunningham

Dominique Balie

Chris Krause

Louise Cunningham

Gill Crawshaw

Chief Barketing Officers

Deshnee Subrayen

Shivani Poovalingam

Top brands trust us

We've had the pleasure of working with some brands that we've been in awe of.

The Halo Media Group UK

Reliability is something we pride ourselves on. Working with leading brands has meant we've stepped out of our comfort zone to work with giants.

We've learned a lot working with them, and it's this cumulative experience that has given us, we believe, superpowers!

Read their testimonials here.