Benefits of being on a retainer

What is a branding agency retainer?

Our purpose is "Co-Creating Good to Great". So our goal is to work with you to create solutions that uplift your business and communities. The best way for us to do this is to use your invested time responsibly, and a retainer allows us to do this quickly and efficiently.

We recommend retainer options to allow for flexibility, speed and consistency.

With new retainer proposals, we’ll recommend a trial period of 3 months to see how well it works. This gives us the opportunity to see if we’ve allocated enough hours in a month and how much consistent work it will allow for. If it works well, we’ll then get into a discussion about the length of a long-term contract.

Below we’ve outlined 5 reasons why you should consider taking on a retainer.

Better rates

When we quote for projects, we have to ensure we've built in a time buffer. Sometimes a project can be done in a shorter time than anticipated. When you are on a retainer, you benefit from this as you're paying for our time and not a flat fee. This allows us to work on something else for you, giving you more bang for your buck!

Higher priority

Retainer clients are considered loyal. We reward loyalty by giving retainers preference in the studio, within reasonable timelines. That means that when you have an urgent project, we’ll schedule your project in ahead of other projects which are in the pipeline, instead of making you wait a few weeks until a gap opens.

Continued consistency

As we grow our relationship with your brand, we will learn what works best for you and your brand. When we've reached the “sweet spot”, we’ll know exactly what you want and need, and how to apply it to your brand with minimal effort. Because we’re working with your brand regularly, we’ll also easily be able to pick up on the details, such as colours, fonts, styling etc.

A strategic approach

Depending on the length of your contract, we can strategize on how to maximize the hours. We can look at the year in advance and plan out projects productively. This not only allows you to forecast and budget, but means that we’re in a better position to deal with brand emergencies as we’ll be ahead of schedule with your planned work.

Your extended resource

As a retainer client, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that we are an extension of your marketing team. Our services are not limited to a design brief. Which allows us to really be on hand when you have limited resources. This extends to marketing research, content planning, print management, liaising directly with procurement and sourcing supplies.

So if the idea of your marketing team growing to include graphic designers; brand planners; researchers, proof-reading, copywriting and editing; photographers and videographers excites you, let’s meet up for a coffee and chat about a synergy.

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