Brand and Marketing Design for Mining Company, South32

Brand and marketing communication design for the mining sector

South32 is a leading international mining company. We've been delighted to work with their dynamic brand and communications teams to build internal and external communication solutions that inspire, unite and keep their workforce safe.

Brand and marketing design solutions for mining

We have significant experience with marketing and communication in the mining industry. Aware of this fact and committed to excellence in their communications, a comms specialist at South32 in South Africa reached out to us to assist in taking their local brand to new heights.

As a large organisation, you need to be able to effectively communicate with staff, key stakeholders and the community, sometimes at the drop of a hat. From internal and external communication to global campaigns and awareness programmes, you need strong messaging and visual elements that resonate with individuals from all walks of life.

The overall brand identity for South32 had already been established and provided a great foundation for us to work with the local teams to create impactful solutions.

Mining brand design showing four pull-up design examples
Mining advertising for South32 showing an open magazine.
Mining brochure and magazine design for South32 showing an open brochure or magazine

Videos that are both engaging and eye-catching, designed to be shared via messaging apps or adapted for TV screens in central places.

Internal communications

We designed a survey to measure the impact of internal communications. Our team used the data we collected to develop a communications strategy that would enhance the organisation's already successful programs.

Internal channels include a daily newsletter that covers key topics and KPIs on a daily basis. WhatsApp was also harnessed as a communication channel, along with TV screens in entry areas and table-talkers in the canteen.

External communications

Successful businesses communicate effectively with their key stakeholders, communities, and the general public. We will work with their teams during a communication strategy workshop in order to identify the communication goals and channels for the company. Our next step will be to design ad campaigns as well as other communication material that will help us to achieve the goals we set.

Communication campaigns

There is nothing we love more than creating campaigns that engage, educate, and motivate employees.

Our first step is to identify the areas we need to create awareness around in order to achieve our goals. Among these topics are important topics such as mental health, diabetes, HIV/AIDS and ESG initiatives, to mention a few.

Next, we design eye-catching campaigns that are in line with your brand and are eye-catching. These are rolled out into full campaigns, which include flyers, posters, digital screens, WhatsApps, tent cards, adverts, etc.


Signage used internally and externally (such as at an airport) to communicate key messages and directions.

Toolbox talks

A range of toolbox talks to create awareness around health, safety, COVID-19, etc.

Translation services

Working with experienced translators to translate English campaigns and content into isiZulu, Setswana, Afrikaans, and Portuguese.

Mining advertising and marketing example
Mining safety and SHEQ design example

Strategy-based creative solutions

As a full-service agency, we offer strategy, design and content generation in-house. Additionally, we manage third-party service providers to ensure brand consistency.

We meet with the South32 communications specialists regularly to develop and maintain their brand and communication strategy. During this meeting, we look at past marketing and brand projects and analyse their success and what we can build on.

Thereafter, we look at key KPIs and decide how best those will be achieved through communication campaigns. Based on this, we put together a calendar into our project management system and roll out the campaigns.

The mining industry is a safety-focused industry, so we'll always ensure we have sufficient extra time and budget to allow for unexpected safety projects.

We create libraries and templates for the reuse of projects to allow for better use of budget and maximum brand impact.

Mining brand and marketing design services include

Brand Management & Design

  • Brand and communication strategy
  • PowerPoint presentation design
  • Research
  • Infographic design

Internal Communications

  • Newsletter content & design
  • Health & safety campaigns
  • Culture & motivational campaigns
  • Employee engagement

External Communications

  • Advertising
  • Publication content & design
  • Signage & banner design
  • Report design
Mining health and safety presentation mockup

Safety campaigns

All workplaces need to be safe. SHEQ is a key topic in the mining, energy and minerals sectors. As a responsible employer, South32 is extremely focused on safety presentations and campaigns to ensure each member goes home safely.

Mens Health Campaign as part of a mining brand design

Health campaigns

A healthy workforce starts with education. It's imperative that a company engages with their employees by teaching them healthy habits and encouraging dialogue around health concerns. Our health campaigns focus on holistic health in large and small workplaces.

ESG messaging

Effective external affairs communication with the public, local communities, government and stakeholders is a key element of an ESG communications strategy. If not done correctly, it can lessen the positive impact or, even worse, have a negative impact.

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