Brand and Design for Mining Company, Rio Tinto

Brand and Design for Rio Tinto

We have been providing Rio Tinto with creative solutions for their mines in South Africa, Madagascar, and Guinea, as well as global brand assets, since 2011. This includes brand development, mining communication design, photography, and videography.

Our film and photography crew travel across the African continent to capture mining imagery

Design and brand for global mining company, Rio Tinto

We received an invitation to work with Richards Bay Minerals, a subsidiary of Rio Tinto, in 2011. In order to align with the controlling Rio Tinto ownership, the mine, located in South Africa, needed an extensive rebrand.

The rebranding included full brand management, internal and external communications, and the creation of brand assets.

As part of this partnership, we have travelled to their regional areas in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, as well as remote sites in Madagascar and Guinea.

Whether it's designing their in-house magazines or filming and producing virtual mine tours, we've helped with a wide range of creative solutions.

Report design (click image to view publication)
Save Water awareness campaign posters
Mining brand design example
Brand identity design including brand guidelines, uniform and signage guideline design

Internal Communications

Communicating with a large team required identifying the key communication channels. These included:

  • Newsletters and publication design
    Content generation and design of printed and digital publications to inform employees and contractors of important news, achievements and goals.
  • Health and safety campaigns
    Focusing on educating, motivating and informing the workforce of critical Health, Safety and Environmental topics.
  • Induction videos
    Anyone on a mine knows how important safety is. It’s critical to educate employees, contractors and visitors. Our in-house video production team will assist you with planning, through to your final video.
  • Toolbox talks
    Posters, flyers, PowerPoint Presentations, emailers, etc.
  • Investor and stakeholder relations information
    Annual and Sustainability reports – in digital, print and video.
Publication design for events like Mining Indaba (click on image to view)

Creative solutions for a global mining brand

We've created a full range of visual communication solutions for Rio Tinto, working across a range of mines in Africa, in addition to their international brand department.

Logo design

Richards Bay Minerals (RBM) is a subsidiary of Rio Tinto in South Africa. They reached out to us when Rio Tinto took controlling ownership and they needed to align their corporate identity. This required our team to work closely with the Rio Tinto HQ brand team to design the logo and supporting brand guidelines.

Brand management

The RBM team needed to coordinate every aspect of their visual brand with the Rio Tinto guidelines. They required skilled resources to help them achieve this challenge, so we supported them with full brand management. This meant working with them to create a strategy and overseeing all brand-related tasks, from internal memos through to external signage.

Toolbox talk design example
Toolbox Talks – design and content creation

External Communications

It's vital to have effective external communications. From sharing critical information from external affairs, through to engaging with the community or directional signage, we believe effective design and branding plays a key role.

During a communication strategy workshop, we'll work with their teams to identify the goals and channels for the communications. Thereafter, we'll design adverts and other communication material required to achieve those goals.

  • Awareness campaigns
    Full campaign rollouts from theme logos, through to radio adverts. These included celebrating their anniversary through to external awareness campaigns for the local community.
  • Marketing material
    A wide variety of marketing material from newspaper and online adverts, to PowerPoint presentations, event collateral and branded goods.
  • Signage design
    Effective brand, directional and safety signage is crucial, and often is not done correctly. Our expert team not only designs the signage, but also works with signage manufacturers and installers. This ensures that it is not only HSE and brand compliant, but is also correctly installed.

On-site mining brand services

Most brand and communication design work can be done remotely. But there are three services that we do on-site. By having an experienced crew who have travelled to extremely remote locations, we're used to navigating the challenges with flexibility and a 'can-do' attitude!

Mining Brand Audit

An on-site brand audit is where our mining brand specialist will travel to the mine and perform a visual and interview-based audit. During this audit, he'll measure your brand through our mining brand matrix. The outcome of this audit is a practical and measurable checklist for ways for you to improve your brand and the perception thereof. This in turn improves your brand equity and standing with your employees, future employees, stakeholders and community.

Our brand audits for Rio Tinto have revealed key areas that affect productivity, and feedback has been that the outcomes have had a direct improvement on community and staff engagement.

mining photography and videography with Halo Media

Mining photography and videography

Mining photography

If a picture says a thousand words, what does a bad one say about your business? Rio Tinto has always favoured impactful and professional photography. Our crew has photographed several of their mines. You'll find these images on the cover of their reports, their social media, websites and their brochures such as their Sustainable Development report. We also run an image library for their team to access the photos and videos on demand.

360º Virtual Tours

A virtual tour is a virtual reality tour using aerial and ground-based imagery. It allows the user to navigate through a VR headset, or simply on screen. They are ideal for an immersive experience and for training, such as induction videos.

Mining brand and marketing design services include

Brand Management & Design

  • Brand and communication strategy
  • Corporate identity
  • Brand guidelines
  • Infographics design

Internal Communications

  • Newsletter content & design
  • Health & safety campaigns
  • Employee engagement
  • PowerPoint presentations

External Communications

  • Advertising
  • Publication content & design
  • Signage & banner design
  • Photography & imagery

Publication design

Our in-house team designs newsletters, magazines, reports and brochures. Publication design requires experienced designers who can design for print and digital output. They work with our proofreaders to ensure a document, which not only looks good, but achieves its goal.

Awareness campaigns

How do you educate and motivate a workforce? Through a communication campaign designed to create awareness. Our campaigns range from special occasions, such as this anniversary campaign, through to impactful health and safety awareness campaigns.


The mining industry often differs from current B2B marketing in that it still relies on multi-channel advertising and communication. The reason for this is that mines often are in more remote locations where people learn their news from local news publications and radio. This is key for community engagement.

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