Structured Products Marketing and Design

Structured Products marketing and design for IDAD SA.

IDAD SA is a financial services company. They reached out to Halo to create their Structured Products marketing and brand materials for their launch into sub-Saharan Africa.

Structured Products Marketing moodboard design by Halo Media

Structured Products marketing materials

IDAD is an established Structured Products financial services provider, based in the United Kingdom. Upon launching their Sub-Saharan Africa branch, their Regional Head of Structured Solutions approached us for assistance in developing their marketing materials and branding.

He knew that they needed a financial services marketing agency that specialised in financial literature design, and had the systems and processes to keep up with this fast-paced industry.

We did a marketing analysis and base strategy and then started the visuals with a mood board. This is where we spent time analysing their target market and how the brand would be applied. We looked at colours, fonts, iconography, imagery and use across their marketing materials.

Important factors included:

  • It needed to compliment the 'mother' brand, yet allow for a localised identity
  • Be professional, accurate and relevant to their target market
  • A brand which could easily be applied to marketing material such as fact sheets and brochures.
  • Have systems for tight turnarounds and version control.

We developed a monochromatic brand with a cool blue, complimented with black and white imagery of skilled sporting landscapes.

The concept is that success (reaching the summit/crossing the finish line) is possible with the right skills and equipment (ie IDAD SA). To try without would be a high risk without the return.

Structured Products Marketing brochure design examples
Structured Products Factsheet design mockup example

Brand management

Structured product marketing has monthly releases and bespoke trades. This means you need to be organised and agile. We've set up systems and a brand library for ease of access for their team. This includes

  • Logo guide
  • Logo assets
  • Image library
  • Document version system
Structured products marketing emailer design example on a phone

Structured Products Marketing Materials

Fast, professional, and accurate marketing material which has brand continuity and attention to detail. This covers brand elements which are both digital and traditional and includes:

  • Fact sheet & product summary design
  • Brochure templates
  • Emailer template
  • Data visualisation

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