Private Equity Brand and Design

Private equity company brand and design

TechMet is a private equity company – a  permanent capital vehicle investing in technology metals production and recycling.

We were excited to work with TechMet from their initial startup with a sophisticated corporate identity. This followed through to fundraising documentation and online presence.

Private equity corporate identity design

In 2018 we were approached to design a pitch deck for a private equity startup. This was the beginning of a visionary critical metals investment company – TechMet.

TechMet invest in the security of the technology metal supply chain, or "critical minerals". Notably, this includes the minerals that power the electric vehicle and renewable energy revolution. Working with an ethical and sustainability-based foundation, they are leading the way in the production and recycling of technology metals.

Initially, they needed a professional pitch deck for fundraising. As they reached their milestones, the company was set up and they needed a sophisticated brand presence.

We designed their logo to reflect their presence as a B2B business which is both technology-based and reliable. This is achieved by drawing a custom typeface and the use of dark blue as a colour to symbolise stability and reliability.

Private equity brand and marketing business card example
Private equity marketing video production

Private equity marketing and brand development

Once the initial visual identity was designed, it was continued into their corporate stationery and other documentation required to grow the company brand.

Most of the initial work was in PowerPoint which included complex documentation for fundraising and reporting. This was fully editable to allow the COO to tailor the presentations on the fly.

In addition to PowerPoint presentation design, we designed their website and corporate video.

Their website allows for easy media updates and positioning of their industry-recognised board. As a growing investment company, they need to be able to add in portfolio assets, so the site has been designed to accommodate growth and position them well for their investors and marketplace.

Key elements behind a private equity brand

  • Logo
  • Logo Guide
  • Email stationery
  • Letterheads
  • PowerPoint template
  • PowerPoint pitch deck
  • Fact sheet
  • Investor reports
  • Website design
  • Corporate video
  • Exhibition branding
  • Ad hoc marketing support
private equity marketing exhibition stand example

Exhibition stand design

As an investor in the production of technology metals, TechMet has exhibited at events such as mining conferences and roadshows. This exhibition stand was designed to complement their marketing materials for a mining conference in the DRC and Rwanda, Africa.

Private Equity website design example

Website design & development

The website was carefully designed by first analysing their needs and goals. Thereafter we did a competitor analysis to understand the strengths and weaknesses in the broader marketplace, and where the site could share its differentiation points. The result is a responsive and up-to-date website that their team can manage.

Private equity powerpoint presentation design example

PowerPoint presentation design

PowerPoints are extremely popular in the private investment industry. The reason for this is that they can be designed to look like professional documents but allow for editing in-house. They do, however, need custom design and templating as off-the-shelf solutions are too generic. They are especially popular with pitch decks, fundraisers and investor reporting.

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