Venture Capital Company Branding

Venture Capital company brand development

Wellspring is a private investment platform focused on offering solutions and investment in the water space. They approached Halo to develop their brand, strategy, and other collateral to take them to market.

Venture Capital brand and corporate identity design

We were asked to create a corporate identity for a venture capital company focused on investment in the water space across the African continent – Wellspring Investments.

The name, Wellspring, refers to the source of a spring. We designed a logo with a repeated "W" element.  This element was taken from the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol for water. The blue W symbolises the Nile River (the longest river in the world) and the adjacent green lines represent the fertile banks. The Nile is an ‘international’ river as its drainage basin covers 11 countries. We chose to use the Nile as an inspiration as it has been the ultimate source of life in Africa.

Venture capital company logo design example from top UK agency Halo Media
Venture Capital company logo design example
Venture Capital corporate identity design example

Venture Capital company brand elements

Most start-up brands have similar requirements. Starting a venture capital brand involves creating a suite of brand collateral that effectively communicates the brand's identity, values, and the services it provides.  This includes:

  • Logo & Logo Guides
  • Digital business cards
  • Email stationery
  • PowerPoint template
  • PowerPoint pitch deck
  • Letterhead template
  • Website design
  • Brand & Marketing strategy
  • Ad hoc marketing support

Venture Capital company website design

The company brand was carried through into a website. As the focus of their fundraising would be through their network, we decided on a one-page website to allow them to go to market quickly, without a full multi-page website design. Click here to view the website design.

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