How to work with a brand and advertising agency

Halo Media UK & South Africa – How we work

How our brand agency works

A well-planned project allows for good creative, less errors and a successful implementation. The basic process of a project and reverts is outlined below. The graphic design flow is slightly different when dealing with websites and video production, so please chat to us for further information on those.

What is the process?

Please read through our process flow below. Here is an overview of the process:

Workflow process for advertising agency

As a time-based business, our team work on a timer system which is integrated into our workflow. This timer tracks each minute we work, and if will alert us if the timer is running so you can rest assured you aren’t being charged for time that is not being spent on your job.

Getting started

We usually start off with a 30 minute virtual meeting. Once we know what you are looking for, we can start the process. If you prefer having meetings versus working on email, then please let us know so we can factor in meeting time.

QUOTE: Based on discussion, we will supply a quote. This quote is an estimate only and is subject to change. We will always advise if the quote doesn’t accurately reflect the nature of the project once it’s underway. If you wish to meet, then we can allow allow for one meeting up to 1 hour within our local areas.

QUOTE ACCEPTANCE AND DEPOSIT PAYMENT: Once you are satisfied with your quote and agree to the terms and conditions, please sign and send back to us. Once your deposit has been paid, please send through proof of payment via email. Once your proof of payment has been received, we will start with the next stage. For larger projects, we implement scheduled payments that will be outlined in the estimate.

Discovery & Design

Now we get to know you better!

BRIEF / DISCOVERY:  At this point, we will require a full brief from you. All briefs need to be supplied or approved via writing. If you prefer structure, we can give you an online questionnaire which you can fill out at your own pace, or we can go through it together. A concise brief is important for both parties: you give us a measurable list of achievables, and means we can meet your expectations. If there are changes after the brief, we may need to revise the quote at this stage to make sure our initial projections are in line with your brief.

COPY:  We won’t be able to start your project until we’ve received all your content. All content and imagery is to be supplied unless our copywriter is to write it for you. You are responsible to supply copyright compliant imagery and content. Content supplied in MS Word as final and approved copy. All supplied images as high resolution as possible (300dpi). See the link below this article for supplying content.

IMAGERY AND GRAPHICS: We can purchase graphics, fonts, images and icons on your behalf and include them in our estimate. These licenses are non-transferrable so if you would prefer to purchase image credits yourself, please let us know. We’ve got the full breakdown on licensing here…  read more about image licensing here.

CREATIVE:  Based on the information supplied, our graphic designers will develop concepts which will be emailed to you or presented via screenshare call. Once you have reviewed the concepts we would require your feedback as to your preferred option and using this feedback, we will modify the designs to meet your requirements.

Feedback and revisions

Now we’ve submitted your designs this is where you’ll supply feedback and get the input from your team. It’s important to remember that this shouldn’t be personal feedback – it’s all about your business and your target customer. In addition, please remember that by the time we’ve sent you the creative concepts, they have gone through our own trained team’s input.

REVISIONS:  We allow 2 minor revisions to the project in the estimate – this is capped and if the revisions are extensive, we will require extra time. Additional revisions will be charged for at an hourly rate, so to avoid extra costs, please make sure to have your original content in it’s final form! (Ask us how you can streamline this process to ensure there are no extra costs!)

SIGN-OFF:  Once a project is completed, we require approval sent through either by email, then we will make up your files in their required final format.

Final wrap-up

Booyah! Job done!

DELIVERY AND FINAL PAYMENT: Halo Media requires the outstanding payment to be made prior to final artwork submission. We’ll then be able to supply your files as required (eg. digitally or via courier)

Added Resources:

We’re all about helping you make the most of your investment, so here are some added resources:

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Avoid extra charges!
Nobody likes expensive surprises (unless you are receiving shiny objects or air tickets!). Please read this article on how to avoid scope creep. Your project manager will also work with you to keep your project on budget.
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Do you want to edit your files?
Are you looking for the editable files? Unless you have graphic design software and have built source files into your quote, we won’t be able to supply them. But our friendly and quick team can make the changes you need done in no time!
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