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How to work with a brand and advertising agency

How to work with us

    Our creative studio workflow

    A well-planned project allows for creativity, fewer errors, and successful implementation. The project process and revisions are outlined below. Websites and video production flow slightly differently, so please chat with us for more details.

    Step 1: Getting started

    We usually start off with a virtual meeting. No charge for this! Once we know what you are looking for, we can start the process.


    Our cost estimate will be based on the discussion. Quotes are estimates only and are subject to change. Our estimate for the first draft is accurate as we forecast how long it will take. However, we cannot predict how many revisions will arrive. There will be an additional fee for those.

    We will always advise if the quote does not accurately reflect the nature of the project. If you want more meetings, we can do so, however, these will also be subject to extra time/fees.

    Quote acceptance and deposit payment

    You will be onboarded once you are satisfied with your quote. Onboarding requires you to return the terms and conditions agreement. Once the deposit invoice is paid (please send through POP), we will start the next phase. A schedule of payments will be outlined in the estimate for larger projects.

    Ownership of files

    We do not supply source files due to IP and licensing restrictions. If you require our original source files, let us know and we will quote you separately. License restrictions prevent the sharing of certain resources (fonts, images, icons). It will be necessary to purchase and send these files to you if you need to be the license holder.

    Working with our team

    Your project manager is your main contact. If you are introduced to a designer during the design phase, please always cc your project manager to ensure consistent communication. Your project manager should be contacted for any non-design-related inquiries (costings, third parties, etc.).

    Our office is open from 8am to 4:30pm (3:30pm on Fridays). We aim to respond to all mail within 24 hours.

    Step 2: Discovery & Design

    Now we get to know you better!


    We will need a full brief from you at this point. Written briefs are required. Stuck with your brief? No worries, we have briefing forms to prompt you, along with some guidance on writing the ideal brief.

    Why is a concise brief important for both parties?

    • It helps you understand what you want by putting your thoughts down on paper
    • It gives a measurable list of achievables
    • It avoids confusion
    • Our creative team can constantly refer back to what you want

    it's no problem if your brief changes the project scope. We will revise the estimate and continue.

    Supplying content

    You must ensure that all key decision-makers have reviewed and approved your content before we can start your project. If you change the content after the design is done (especially structural changes), you will have to redo it ... and time is money, and we'd like to save yours!

    You must supply all content and imagery unless a copywriter is involved. Content and imagery must be copyright compliant. Final and approved copy supplied to be supplied in MS Word along with high-resolution images (300dpi).

    The creative process

    Our creative team will develop concepts based on the information provided. Our team works collaboratively and uses professional software (mostly Adobe Creative Suite) as well as licensed images, icons, and fonts.

    Your creative will generally be emailed to you as a low-res PDF. Depending on the complexity of the project, we will schedule a screens-share call.

    Step 3: Feedback and revisions

    Now we’ve submitted your creative solutions.

    A bit about the behind-the-scenes here. Your project will have been reviewed by:

    Your designer. Halo works with experienced, professional designers so you know they are trained in design theory and are experienced in producing solutions which factor in audience, brand, usage etc.
    A senior reviewer. A second, senior creative will always have looked over your work to ensure it's matching standards.
    A proof-reader. At the end of your project (after the final version) a proofreader will look over it. Depending on the time allocated based on your request, this may be a quick or detailed read-through. It will be done at the start and the end of the project.

    So be rest assured that by the time you've received your first drafts, they have been measured against colour theory, layout and typographic principals; technical requirements, and more.


    We'll allow minimal revisions – this is a capped time as we cannot forecast author's corrections. In order to avoid extra costs, please make sure your original content is in its final form and avoid making unnecessary changes. We'll always work with you to avoid extra costs, so if you're unsure, ask how we can streamline this process.


    Upon completion of a project, we require approval by email or signed hard copy. Our wrapping-up process includes

    • Purchasing images
    • Proofreading
    • A pre-flight will ensure that no images are stretched, no text is missing, and that your project adheres to international print standards if you need to print it.

    Your files will then be prepared in their final format.

    Final wrap-up

    Booyah! Job done!

    Delivery and final payment

    The outstanding payment must be made before final artwork is submitted.

    Your files will then be provided digitally (unless otherwise requested).


    We archive your files once your project is complete. This is at our discretion. Our active servers store files for a short time before moving them to cloud-based servers. Please speak to us if you need them stored indefinitely. A retrieval fee may apply if files are later retrieved for archiving.

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