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Mining Safety Communications – 3 tips for a safer workplace

Why is safety so important in mining? Mining safety communication is all about protecting the lives off all those in and around your mine to ensure they all go home safely to their loved ones. Consequently, strategic mining safety communications are critical in keeping your mine incident free.

As a mining company, safety is a promise you make to your teams, communities, and the environment every day. Zero harm needs to be the goal – zero incidents, zero injuries and zero fatalities. This vision is within reach, and effective and strategic communications is the tool that will help you achieve it.

Let’s explore clear, caring, and consistent mining safety communication strategies, which can improve your mine’s safety.

Graphic listing examples of where mining safety communications is used through Safety Culture, Safety Policies and Safety Training.

1. Establishing a safety culture through mining safety communications

In the same way as you’ve created a culture of productivity in your mining operations, establishing a safety culture is just as important. Communicate safety consistently. Your mine’s safety culture depends on it.

Examples of how to use mining safety communications to establish a safety culture in your mine

    Your mine’s leadership team should consistently communicate their commitment to safety through newsletters, meetings, emailers and more
    Humanise the importance of mine safety through storytelling. Safety awareness Campaigns such as “My brother’s keeper” will help mineworkers understand that they’re all responsible of keeping one another safe every day
    Acknowledge individuals and teams for their outstanding safety contributions to your mining operations
    Use posters, clear signage, and digital displays to reinforce safety messages across the mine site. What the workforce sees repeatedly becomes ingrained in their psyche.

2. Clear, Defined, and Consistent Safety Policies

Safety policies are the foundation of promoting safe practices in mining. Think of safety policies as the guiding stars that keep everyone on the right path. But, here’s the catch: these policies need to be crystal clear and consistently communicated to every single stakeholder involved.

This means everyone, from the mineworker on the ground to the leadership in corporate offices should understand these policies so well, that they’re able to explain them to an 8-year-old.

That’s where effective communication steps in. Your mining safety communications should include:

  • Workshops that break down complex these policies into simple everyday language
  • Training sessions that make safety a relatable topic
  • Digital platforms such as the mine’s intranet that ensure policies are accessible anytime, anywhere

When everyone’s on the same page, safety becomes second nature. So, let’s embrace these communication tools not just as a means of sharing info, but as bridges that connect us all in the pursuit of safety.

3. Safety Training and Skills Development

Effective safety training and skills development are essential in any mining operation, not only large scale mines. Therefore, delivering high-impact training that resonates with employees at all levels and ensures they use safety practices should be a top priority.

By employing a range of engaging methods, mining companies can ensure that safety protocols are not just learned but deeply understood.

Mining safety communications methods of delivering safety training include:

  • Online training (e-learning)
  • Interactive workshops
  • Q and A sessions
  • Industrial theatre
  • Toolbox talks
  • Leaflets
  • Videos

Your mine can also leverage multiple training methods for a high-impact safety campaign. Evidently, different individuals from unique backgrounds prefer ingesting knowledge in different ways. Where one learns best through reading, the next might learn faster through watching videos.

For some, knowledge sticks when they’re being taught through a toolbox talk, but for the next person, their understanding grows through self-education, such as reading a take-home leaflet repeatedly.

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