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Repurpose marketing content header image showing a marketing team typing at a laptop.

4 Top tips to repurpose marketing content and save time and money!

Why should you repurpose marketing content and materials? Creating quality marketing material and content is an essential part of any…

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Internal communications and internal comms blog article heading showing a group of workers

8 Top Trends For Internal Communications In 2024

Top Trends for Internal Comms in 2024 Clear internal communication is crucial to the success of any organisation. Internal communication…

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Brand Strategy vs Marketing Strategy Blog article header

Brand Strategy vs Marketing Strategy – understanding how they compliment each other

What is Brand Strategy vs Marketing strategy, and how do they work together? Brand and marketing, despite being closely aligned,…

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UK Branding Agency Halo Media blog article cover

Know your copy rights from wrongs

Copyright versus Copywrite – Know your Rights! We’re a B2B corporate brand and communication design agency, so we help companies…

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marketing budget control blog header

10 Tips for managing your Marketing Budget in 2024

Controlling marketing budgets can be a challenge for businesses of all sizes. While marketing is essential for building brand awareness,…

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Exhibition planning blog header showing people waking into an event hall

Exhibition planning for marketers and brand managers

Exhibition planning for marketers and brand managers – before, during and after. A fantastic way of putting yourself in front…

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Halo Media Group Supplying content to your creative agency

How to supply content to your marketing agency

How to supply content to our design agency We require all content in digital format unless agreed otherwise. TEXT:  …

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How to understand images licensing

Whilst a picture says a thousand words, not ensuring you are licensed correctly can cost you a thousand dollars! This…

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Remote working tech tips for marketers

Remote working tips and tricks for marketers

Productivity tips for remote working markers Remote working from home can be frustrating if you are new to it. Aside…

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training safety videos south africa

Traditional Training vs Training Videos

5 REASONS WHY VIDEO IS BETTER THAN TRADITIONAL TRAINING METHODS. Traditional Training vs Training Videos. Video is by far the…

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How to plan your video budget

How to plan your video budget The world is rapidly moving in favour of video as a form of communication…

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Tips for taking better photos

Marketing photograph – 5 tips for better pics

Our Top 5 Tips for better marketing photography Your website is often the first impression that your potential clients will…

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Graphic design agency challenges in Africa: Working with multiple languages

As a graphic design studio in Africa, our work is varied and interesting. One of our challenges is to cover…

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7 ways to avoid scope creep and hidden design costs

7 ways to avoid scope creep and hidden design costs We all know what budgets are like and how hard…

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