Halo Media Group Supplying content to your creative agency

How to supply content to your marketing agency

How to supply content to our design agency

We require all content in digital format unless agreed otherwise.


We require text supplied in Microsoft Word or email. Should we be supplied scanned in text, we'll need to add in the time taken to retype it out. Please ensure that it is your final version is accurate as Halo Media will not be held responsible for mistakes. Furthermore, content changes may incur extra costs (see how to avoid scope creep and how to manage your marketing budget) and increase the likelihood of errors. If there are other people involved in the project, please obtain their approval prior to sending content through.


All images supplied in high resolution (excluding website imagery) and logos as vector based artwork or high resolution jpegs. If we need to redraw logos and graphics, this may incur an extra fee. Should you not have imagery, we can source images for you from our standard image libraries at an additional fee, or assist with assigning a photographer (to be billed separately).

Note: You need to ensure that you have copyright compliant imagery and content. This means you cannot take the pictures from Google, or copy the content from another website.  Halo will deem all supplied imagery and text to be copyright compliant and will not check for plagiarism or piracy. If you are unsure, please check with your Halo contact to discuss this further.


If you have an existing brand, please supply us with your marketing material and/or brand guidelines so that we can keep the brand continuity. Additionally, if you have very complex guidelines, this may require extra time to meet the mandatory requirements.


Occasionally, we have to revise your estimate based on the content requirements. These include:

  • Complex charts/graphs/diagrams
  • Logos etc. which require redrawing
  • Photos which require intense photo retouching

Supplying written content

Please supply content in writing (a non-formatted MS Word doc is ideal). This content needs to be final and approved by members of your team, prior to submission to Halo. This is to avoid unnecessary cost changes by making major revisions during the design phase. Major revisions will incur scope revision charges.

Supplying images

All images need to be supplied in the requested format (to be discussed during the estimation phase). Please ensure that you hold the copyright for all images supplied (read more here(opens in a new tab)). Images sourced from Google and other online sources are not usable from a licensing and quality point of view, so we advise against them. Halo Media takes no responsibility for the licensing of images supplied to us. We can purchase images for you (if we purchase them then we are the license holders) or we can give you the image requirements for you to purchase them. Finally, we can recommend photographers should you require your own imagery.

Specifications (Specs)

We require full specs upfront. E.g. advert sizes must have type, trim and bleed areas. If you are printing a poster and it is going to go into a clip frame, we need to be advised so that we can allow relevant space for the frame area. If specs are not supplied or advised on, and the sizing has to be redone after the design has been done, this may result in a change order and additional costs.