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Your brand is the feeling a person has when they think or interact with you. It’s the collective of strategic direction for your brand; the experience and reputation, and the visual expression thereof.

What is a digital asset management system - blog article cover showing a futuristic digital scene

Digital Asset Management (DAM): Streamlining Your Brand’s Success

Digital Asset Management Systems (DAM) In the fast-paced world of branding and marketing, efficiency is key. Digital Asset Management (DAM)…

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Brand audit checklist and questions

The ultimate Brand Audit checklist

The ultimate B2B brand audit checklist – 100 questions to ask of your brand, your employees and your customers. What…

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Colour psychology in branding article header by UK branding agency Halo Media

Colour psychology in branding

Halo Media is a corporate brand agency working with international markets. One of the challenges that we face when dealing…

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What is a brand audit in graphic text for a blog by Halo Media

What is a brand audit?

What is a brand audit and how will it benefit your company and brand? Speak to Halo Media to find out how we can brand audit your company.

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generic and overused logo designs

Generic, overused logos and how to avoid them

This article is based on a great piece by Giovanni Tondini and republished under the Creative Commons license. All images…

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Is Graphic Design important

Is graphic design important?

Is Graphic design important? Hell yeah. You probably don’t even know how much so! To the world, graphic design is…

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Improve your brand image

Improve your brand image in 3 steps, today

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” – Jeff Bezos | Amazon…

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Benefits of being on a retainer

What is a branding agency retainer? Our purpose is “Co-Creating Good to Great”. So our goal is to work with…

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cheap stock logo

The expensive cost of cheap stock logos

Should you buy a cheap stock logo? Cheap budget logos? You say yes? We say no, and here’s why… So,…

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8 steps to your best logo design

8 steps for your best logo design

8 steps for your best logo design As you may know, having a good logo is an immeasurable requirement for your…

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The Importance of Brand Management

Why is brand management important? A strong brand identity plays a huge role in the success of a company! This…

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What paper size is needed for Graphic Design

Paper size guide for UK Corporate Brands

A handy paper-size guide for corporate branding of internal and external communication design in the UK As a marketing and…

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Graphic design agency challenges in Africa: Working with multiple languages

As a graphic design studio in Africa, our work is varied and interesting. One of our challenges is to cover…

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Graphic Design software and editable source files

We’re often asked if we can supply our artwork in editable format. The answer is yes …  and no! Yes,…

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How to write a design brief

How to write a design brief

How to write a design brief … well first, what is a Design Brief? Why is a design brief of…

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Are professional graphic designers worth the investment?

Why you should invest in a professional graphic designer. Would you hire a professional to repair your plumbing? Would you…

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How to plan your brand – 7 top tips

The preppers guide to your brand survival… 7 tips to for planning your brand! During the failed apocalypse* of 21 December,…

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