Is Graphic Design important

Is graphic design important?

Is Graphic design important? Hell yeah. You probably don’t even know how much so!

To the world, graphic design is subliminal. They don’t consciously notice it but that means it’s working. It’s doing it’s silent job unnoticed. To the businesses it means money. This is the power of good graphic design. So let’s break this down…

I saw a great quote about why graphic design is important “Because people need to know where the exit is in case of a fire.” It sums up the important of graphic design – it’s something that makes an impact on your decision making.

Here are a few reasons why graphic design is so important:

Making choices

Every purchasing decision you make … from choosing a breakfast through to buying a car, is influenced by a graphic designer. If they have effectively worked with a marketing strategy to align the brand design with the values, they can influence your decision.

An example of this would be if you are conscious of sustainability when making your purchasing  choices. If the packaging shows the recycling logo, or has an easily read slogan to explain how it is made from recycled goods, it’s likely you will choose it over a competitors product which doesn’t show these clearly. Good graphic design helps to prioritize the hierarchy of information to make it more desirable to the consumer.

Emotion and Expression

Effective Graphic Design can invoke emotion, provide distinction and allows a brand to express itself when aligned with the brand and marketing strategy. Bad graphic design does not express the emotion and expression of a company.

An example of this would be an IT firm working with Enterprise businesses, having a logo with a cartoon script and clipart. This logo could be suited for a neighborhood creche, and would not express the tone that the IT firm would need to compete with other Microsoft Certified service providers.

Navigation and Guidance

Think of your average day… you are bombarded with choices and stimulation. In an over-stimulated world, good graphic design helps you to make the decisions which are right for you, and to help navigate you.

A practical example of this is signage. Literally navigating you to where you want to go. Take specialist and take it further, a UX designer will design a user interface and user journey (experience =  “x”) to help you use a map app on your phone. From the stop icon on the sign, through to the arrow on the app, all of this has been designed.

Challenging the status quo, through Disruptive Thinking

Graphic designers are taught to challenge themselves. By nature, as right-brain creatives, we usually are used to looking at life from a different approach.

When we were at art school, we were taught to question ourselves and what we are presented. We call this Disruptive Thinking. This means that graphic designers bring in different points-of-view, and different ways to solve problems, as opposed to those who were taught there is only one way to get to a right answer.

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