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7 Reasons to choose Halo Media as your design agency

We are a branding agency based in England and South Africa. Obviously we’re a bit biased but we really believe in our Halo and our service. It’s somewhat clichéd, but you have to be passionate about what you do, and we’re seriously into our field!

We’ve all come from larger agencies and firmly believe that a small agency is better suited to working with brands. Here are our top reasons why Halo Media is a great choice!

1. Qualified, experienced designers:

With the exception of our admin guru we have all studied graphic design and even our youngest designer has eight years experience – so we know our stuff! Hayes and Louise have been in the industry since 1993 (when computers were just being introduced as mainstream design tools!). Most of us have worked abroad for several years and had international exposure to top brands. As a small agency, we have no room for those who don’t pull their weight, so our clients’ budget is spent on the actual work, not training. As a client, you benefit from dealing directly with people who really know what they are doing.

2. We’re a small design agency:

As a small business, we are more committed than many larger agencies are – we can’t afford to lose clients or gain a bad reputation, and all jobs are important to our bottom line.

3. We are very process orientated, without the red tape.

Working in an open-plan studio, we all know the status of projects without having the usual weekly or bi-weekly status meetings. We have daily traffic meetings and an online project management system to ensure that all projects are tracked and progressing. We are able to respond to tight deadlines (not that we encourage it!) without the red tape you will find in a larger design agency.

4. We are cost-effective:

If we were at a larger agency, the fees for our skills would be much higher. As we have a small office and team, we have lower overheads so don’t have to charge the large agency rates. In other words you are not paying to maintain our large office space and we don’t have superfluous staff salaries to pay.

5. We are at the top of our game:

We aren’t complacent about what we do – we always research what the trends are, what’s happening in the industry and how to improve our services and skills. We’re proud to say we have more versatility than most agencies (and a lot of fun whilst we’re at it!).

6. Our relationships:

Our work is corporate, but we aren’t. We have fun. We aren’t formal. We don’t have office politics. We are professional in what we do, but most often our clients become our friends. We like it that way.

7. We love what we do:

When we started our design agency, we knew what it was like to work in an environment which didn’t make us grow as individuals; we didn’t enjoy our days during that time, so we really wanted to create an environment completely opposite to that at Halo. It’s paramount for us to enjoy each and every day. Happy creatives make better designers – so our commitment to a happy workplace really does benefit our clients in the end.

With brands like Unilever, Rio Tinto, Nestlé, JWT and Lufthansa to name a few, choosing us as brand partners, we know that we’re on the right track. We’d love to add you to that list, so contact us for a coffee (even if it’s a “virtual” one!) and a chat!