5 Reasons to choose a Wordpress Website

5 Quick Reasons why a WordPress Website is a good choice

We work in a website platform called WordPress. It’s a software which we install onto hosting servers and we can design and develop websites on it.

Here are our top five reasons why we think a WordPress website is a great solution for small to medium businesses:


The WordPress website system allows us to purchase and install pre-made themes and plugins. These function as apps to help your site run better. If these were custom developed, the price would sky-rocket to give you the same functionality. So a WordPress website can be a cheaper solution for you!


The WordPress website platform is constantly updated. This means that your website is on track with current trends and security. Like a good car, you will need to keep your site maintained with a care and maintenance contract, but unlike a car, if maintained well, your website will actually gain in value over time.


Should you not be happy with your current host, you can transfer your WordPress website to a different hosting company. This is not an option with other website builders such as Wix or Squarespace. Be aware, however, that transfer doesn’t include ownership of the theme and plugins and it’s likely these will remain licensed to your website design agency. If this is the case, and you wish to transfer away from your website developer, you may need to purchase these separately and additionally. If you do think you’ll need to transfer away, get in touch with your development team and chat about it!


There are literally thousands of website themes out there. And if those aren’t right for you, then a developer can custom build. Frequently a developer will have their preferred way of building sites, so make sure you ask them questions about their systems and what can be achieved, before commissioning your website design.


A WordPress website allows you to update your site without knowing how to code a website. There is a learning curve involved, and we only recommend it to people who are serious about working on their website or else they forget how to do it. But once you are up and running,  you are able to edit your site, any time and any place! You can even write posts on your smartphone!

So there you have it. Our 5 top reasons why you should consider WordPress for your website!

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