Website maintenance and care is crucial to keep your website running well and your content fresh and relevant.

Your website is not a static object. Much like a car which needs regular maintenance, so your website requires regular care. Below are a few reasons for choosing a website care and maintenance package.

Please note, once your site has gone live, unless you have chosen a package, we will no longer be checking in on your website. Failure to maintain it (much like not maintaining your car) could result in larger issues at a later stage.

WordPress (the operating system we build your website on) periodically automatically updates the core system. This sometimes can however, cause errors which then need to be resolved. Consider how often you receive notifications for upgrades on your cell phone or how frequently a new model cell phone is released, website maintenance needs to be kept up to date with evolving technology.

What’s included in a website care and maintenance package?


  • Framework, theme and plugin updates
  • Security updates, hacking and viral threat monitoring
  • Analytics stats
  • Website monitoring
  • Backup of sites (we will require access to your Dropbox account for cloud backups). Includes one physically downloaded backup per month

Regular content updating is beneficial to you, both from the perspective of having your website work better for you but also from a search engine point-of-view. Google sits up and pays attention to websites which are fresh and regularly updated. And they could reward you with a better positioning.

Our content updates include:

  • Add / remove blog posts
  • Add / remove team members
  • Update services
  • Add / remove products
  • Add / remove articles
  • Change text
  • Change images

Chat to us about which website care and maintenance package best suits you!

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