The Importance of Brand Management

Why is brand management important?

A strong brand identity plays a huge role in the success of a company! This can be achieved through a professional Brand Management Agency. A brand manager will oversee all aspects of a company’s corporate identity. And ensure the brand experience matches the core values of the business.

Managing our brand presence in the industry

The competition out there today is tough! You need to stay ahead of the pack by making sure your brand is seen and heard first. Strategic marketing campaigns can be rolled out on social media platforms. This alone can be a full-time job! Continuously and consistently posting online and managing your platforms lets your customers know who you are. A great exercise would be to ask yourself, who is your client? What do they do? Once you have narrowed down your target market, it will be easier to identify what is the best way to advertise your brand. If your client is someone who enjoys the outdoors, collaborate with local businesses to allow for advertising in that space. You want your brand to consistently be in the face of your buyer in the most subtle of ways. There is a psychology behind this – which we can dive into another time!

Managing your brand’s values and company culture

A professional brand identity can also allow you the opportunity to let your client know what your values are. This can be put across using a specific tone and voice when communicating with your client. All of this falls into a Brand Management role. What image do you want to portray? Are your clients high-end professionals who prefer structure and assertiveness? Or is your target market younger and quirky, allowing for a more informal approach? A great example is Mail Chimp, who take on a fun, relaxed approach to their business. They are light hearted and fun to interact with, while at the same time professional! This will also give your company or brand a personality that your clients can relate to.

“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person.
You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.”
Jeff Bezos

Managing the customer brand experience

Now that potential clients have started to recognise your brand and start to interact with your company, you want to create a memorable experience. You can use the brand experience to keep your clients coming back for more! Excellent examples of businesses using brand experience are Typo and Yuppie Chef!

When you walk through the doors of a Typo store, you are greeted by smiling staff who are eager to help you. They have feel-good music playing in the background, encouraging their clients to spend time in the store and enjoy what they have on offer. The staff will go as far as hand you a basket for your shopping, even if you only intend on getting one item, making you feel comfortable with buying a few extra goodies! (I’ll have to admit here that I’ve been caught with this!)

Yuppie Chef uses technology to their advantage. As an online store, they track your purchases and very specifically make suggestions based on your buying history! This gives you the impression that their service is personalised. Their personal approach doesn’t end there, when your parcel arrives they include a handwritten note relevant to your order!

Having a brand manager to take care of your brand strategy can be the reason your customers choose you over your competition. If you want to develop your brand to the next level, contact us.