Property Development Branding

Property Development Company Branding and Marketing: Castle Rock

Castle Rock is a property development in Cape Town, South Africa. We created their brand and marketing materials.

Property Development Branding

We were excited when we were called in by the Grid Group to develop the brand and marketing materials for Castle Rock. This upmarket development is based in Cape Town and has unique views of both Table Mountain and the Castle – hence the name Castle Rock.

Like all branding projects, we looked into the audience, offering and route to market.

Strategic planning: Audience – who will the buyers be?

Everything a brand does has to be tailored to its customers. We look at their demographics, psychographics, spending habits, likes and dislikes.

In this case, the housing development is well suited to a younger market living there due to the proximity to tertiary education. However, it's unlikely they will be able to purchase a property on their own. So it's likely that their parents or investors will be purchasing. Therefore the brand needed to be professional enough to appeal to both a younger and more mature audience.

Mockup example of a property development logo
Property development brand example set up as a moodboard

Property Development Logo Design

Our logo design was a stylised silhouette of the iconic Table Mountain.

The shapes above the logotype represent both Table Mountain and the Castle Rock skyline.

The colourway ties in with the sun and sea (yellow and aqua blue). It also creates a compelling colour palette for a recognisable and consistent brand.

It is a custom-built typeface to ensure a unique identity.

Mockup example of a property development logo
Mockup of a property development brochure design

What does the property development offer?

We looked at what the area had to offer. Its benchmark benefits are the proximity to the vibrant city of Cape Town, the historic landmark of The Castle; tertiary education venues and sporting/lifestyle activities.

This became the predominant feature of the marketing material, showing the lifestyle and recreational offerings that Cape Town is known for.

What marketing approach is required?

With Grid having such a strong reputation in the market, they already had a great connection network in place. So, we designed a brochure and emailer to send out to this network. This was supported by a website that people could visit for more information. Finally, we set up and branded a Facebook page for them to promote the development on social media. We worked with their digital marketing team to create adverts, which they used in their paid advertising campaigns.

The final brand development included:

  • Logo design
  • Business cards
  • Email stationery design
  • Letterhead design
  • Brochure – digital and print
  • Website design
  • Facebook setup and graphics
Property development marketing material mockup showing a laptop and brochure
Mockup example of a property development website

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