Are professional graphic designers worth the investment?

Why you should invest in a professional graphic designer.

Would you hire a professional to repair your plumbing? Would you consult a professional for your business’s tax returns? Then why would you not hire a professional to design your company’s brand?

Business cards printed on a home printer and (badly) hand-cut, homemade leaflets, adverts designed in Microsoft Word and websites that look like they were designed in 1998. Yes, you know what I am talking about! The cousin’s brother’s uncle’s nephew who toys in graphic design as a hobby. It makes a professional designer cringe. If you’ve received one of these dreadful home jobs, you can’t help but ask – how professional is this company? How do I know it delivers a quality service if they use such poor design.

Graphic design is a profession – not a hobby!

Professional graphic design companies have extensive education in colour theory, form and function, marketing and advertising, packaging etc. If you are willing to invest in the resources that make your business a success, then you should be willing to invest in the image of your company, the image that you want your customers to see.

In today’s fast-moving, social media aware world, you don’t get a second chance. You have to make sure your first impression is a good one. One bad experience will impact your company’s image negatively. It takes a second for us to visually assess what is in front of us and form a long lasting opinion. So it is vital that your first impression is a good one. That is why it’s so important for your company to invest in a professional graphic designer.

We’ve drawn up some reasons why you should hire a professional graphic designer and make the investment in your company’s reputation.

Professional graphic designers don’t just make pretty pictures

There is always a strategic plan a designer uses to effectively convey your message visually to your audience. Before anything is designed, a professional designer must understanding your product or service, your business culture, your target market and your competition.

Graphic designers have studied – it’s a real profession

Yes, we designers are a bit quirky and different, but using the other side of our brain doesn’t mean we don’t know what we are doing! Professional graphic designers are taught about the use of design theory and principles, grids and ratios, colour psychology and colour theory, and the skillful use of type that will reinforce a message and build brand loyalty.

A graphic designer will save you time

A professional graphic designer manages time effectively as well as providing fantastic results. We are able to think very quickly by utilising our extensive industry knowledge, experience and creativity! We know our industry; about things like bleed, type-area and leading so that you don’t have to. We also know how best to utilise design software, even if you have professional design software, knowing how to use it quickly, properly and tastefully is another thing entirely. A graphic designer can turn your ideas into reality in a short time, leaving you free to do what you do best.

A professional graphic designer will save you money

If your artwork is not prepared precisely the way it needs to be for printing, you may find that it will cost more to have a commercial printing company “fix” the artwork than it would have been to simply hire a professional to prepare proper “print-ready” artwork in the first place.

A graphic designer knows the trends and easily adapts

Design and styling trends change season to season, but professional graphic designer will know what’s in and what’s out. Good graphic designers want the best for you and your business – after all, our reputation is also on the line! We will ensure that your first impression is a positive one.

Graphic design is the methodology of visual communication, and problem-solving through the use of type, space and image.

Graphic designers help you to realise your vision

It’s difficult to express your vision in words, never mind images! But professional graphic designers are trained to take your vision and develop visual concepts to reinforce your message and communicate it clearly to your intended audience.

A designer will maintain consistency

An experienced graphic designer will know the ‘tricks of the trade’ of how to best utilise design to market your brand. They will ensure that you apply your brand consistently across all elements of your advertising and marketing – from online to print – to develop a strong and recognisable brand.

There are online shops where you can purchase your corporate ID or logo. While this may seem like a great idea, it’s not the wisest. What’s stopping several other businesses purchasing the same logo? A professional designer will create something that is unique and reflects your business personality and goals, and designed with a firm understanding of your business and your industry. Logo development is a process, it is researched and well thought-out, not purchased online for a couple of dollars.

So next time you think about getting a non-professional to design your logo or company brand – think again. If you don’t value your company enough to invest in hiring a professional graphic design studio, then how can you expect your potential clients to invest in you?

Graphic design is all around us, its everywhere you look.