/Corporate Identity

Halo Media is a Graphic design company in Durban, South Africa.

We offer Corporate Identity design which includes:

  • Logo design
  • Business card design
  • Letterhead design
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Bible
  • Signage guidelines
  • Brochure Design

Your corporate identity and logo design can also be used on your signage, car branding, website, brochures, sales material and more.

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Logo design: Property Development – Castle Rock


Corporate identity design for a Property Development & Construction company CLIENT: Castle Rock PROJECT: To design a corporate identity including logo, brochure, website, mass emailer and social media setup. Castle Rock is a property development in Cape Town. Aimed at a young, urban market, we chose to design a bold, contemporary logo. It is important [...]

Corporate Identity: Multiply Group


CLIENT: Multiply Group TASK: Corporate identity design, website, research, infographics and PowerPoint presentations for an international investment company. RESULT: We were asked to research and develop a corporate identity for the Multiply Group that transcends culture and language. The “Xi” signature in the logo is used as a design element, but it has a strong [...]

Corporate Identity: 2020 Vision Foundation


CLIENT: 2020 Vision Foundation TASK: Logo design and corporate stationery RESULT: The 2020 Vision Foundation is a leadership development NGO that helps people to build and sustain visions of significance on the African continent. We designed a strong typographic logo, which is in keeping with current foundation/NGO logo trend forecasts. The foundation develops young leaders [...]

Corporate Identity: Financial Services – EWM


Corporate identity design for a Financial Management Services  Provider CLIENT: Executive Wealth Management (EWM) - a Financial Management Services Provider. PROJECT: To design a corporate identity including, logo, corporate stationery, website, signage and office interior decorating. This corporate identity design brief was to first design a logo for Executive Wealth Management. EWM are a financial [...]

Corporate Identity: Quirky Kitchen


CLIENT: Quirky Kitchen TASK: Corporate identity design including name origination RESULT: The corporate identity design brief was to first develop a name for the Quirky Kitchen blog. Once we'd chosen the name, we designed the logo and brand to compliment it.    

Logo design: Ample power


CLIENT: Ample Power TASK: Logo and full corporate identity design, carried through to brochures, stationery, Keynote presentation and website. RESULT: Ample Power wanted to refresh their brand. We designed a logo which complimented their previous brand, but was more modern and technically sound for application on to uniforms, signage etc. The design was carried out [...]

Logo design: Ignite SA


CLIENT: Ignite SA TASK: Logo design and corporate identity RESULT: We designed a fresh new logo for Ignite SA. This design was carried through to their website, folder & brochures, email campaign and social media (Facebook & Twitter).

Corporate identity design: Perspex


CLIENT: Perspex South Africa TASK: Corporate identity design including new logo RESULT: We did an evolution logo design where we developed it from the previous design. This kept the recognisable brand elements, but a new identity. This new corporate identity design has been carried through to their brochures, website, adverts (online and print) and various [...]

Logo design: Mobile Cow


CLIENT: Always Active Technologies (AAT) TASK: Logo design RESULT: Always Active Technologies a Mobile, Web and Mapping solutions company requested us to design a logo for Mobile Cow, a mobile research tool.The client came up with the name "Mobile Cow" was based on Seth Godin's purple cow concept of standing out from the heard. We [...]

Corporate Identity design: Brett Lewis


CLIENT: Brett Lewis TASK: Corporate identity design. Brett Lewis Attorneys, approached us to design their new corporate identity. They wanted it to be crisp, corporate and professional. RESULT: We chose to design a one-colour logo which is both contemporary, and translates well to branding on further collateral. The colour used is a corporate blue which represents trust and responsibility. We created a [...]