Brochure design: Unilever


CLIENT: Unilever South Africa (with graphics supplied to Unilever in selected countries in Africa). TASK: Brochure design, flyers supporting print material RESULT: Halo Media developed the South African Graduate Campaign which has a rollout through Africa and requires various brochures and print material to support the campaign. We have also designed and developed extensive Handbooks, [...]

Corporate communication design: IFS


CLIENT IFS TASK Corporate communication design across the IFS brand. RESULT: The IFS brand has been a rapidly evolving one and tight deadlines. Halo Media redesigned IFS's  brand and are brand custodians for IFS.  This includes brochures, tenders, reports, newsletters and various corporate communication elements. With the tender applications, we have a few days to turn around [...]

Brochure Design: Perspex


CLIENT: Perspex South Africa TASK: Brochure designs. Halo Media have developed the Perspex brand since 2009. We have designed several brochures which have worked both as print collateral as well as online/digital publications. RESULT: Seven customised brochure design inserts which feature the brand and it's products. To cover all the categories of the brand as stand alone brochures, yet [...]

Annual Report Design: WDB


CLIENT: WDB  (Women's Development Business) TASK: Annual Report design. RESULT: The three organisations comprising the WDB Group – the WDB Trust, WDB Micro Finance and WDB Investment Holdings – are interdependent and integrated in working towards promoting the economic empowerment and social upliftment of women in South Africa. We were commissioned to design a new style [...]

Magazine Design: RBM Titania


CLIENT: Rio Tinto Richards Bay Minerals (RBM) TASK: Magazine Design: To design and produce a magazine for Richards Bay Minerals which is in line with the Rio Tinto motherbrand. RESULT: A 48 page magazine which encompassed the new brand and was very well received! We also did a digital online page-flipping version.

Brochure Design: Aqua Transport


CLIENT: Aqua Transport TASK: Brochure Design. We were asked to produce a brochure which encompasses all elements of this multi-faceted business. This brochure was part of a project which included a corporate video and photography. RESULT: We produced a glossy 28 page brochure with a custom made box. The finish was high gloss UV throughout, [...]

Brochure design: Nelson Mandela Scholarship


CLIENT: Meropa Communications for the Nelson Mandela Scholarship TASK: Brochure design, event material and corporate video RESULT: Sometimes we are very luck to work on projects that share our values. The Nelson Mandela Scholarship was one such project which commemorated 10 years of success, and followed the path of the scholars. We had a very tight [...]

Brochure Design: Elgin Group


CLIENT: Elgin Group TASK: Brochure design for the Elgin Group and it's subsidiary companies. RESULT: After rebranding The Elgin Group and subsidiary companies, we developed their marketing and sales material. Part of that was a folder and brochure design to suit their growing business and to allow each company to have it’s own identity, yet still be [...]