Advert design: Tourism KwaZulu-Natal


CLIENT: Tourism KwaZulu-Natal (TKZN) TASK: Advert design for a series of adverts to effectively showcase Tourism KZN and its "Service Excellence" campaign. The Service Excellence adverts were part of the full design campaign. RESULT: An effective way for Tourism KZN to market themselves & the province. We produced full page and single page adverts to run [...]

Advert design: Unilever


CLIENT: Unilever South Africa TASK: Advert design for Unilever across a broad spectrum of departments, each relevant to their own field within the Unilever corporate. A focus is on the Human Resources and Graduate Recruitment campaigns for which we've design adverts and campaigns throughout Africa, UK and USA. RESULT: We have been working on Unilever brands for [...]

Advertising: Adapt IT


CLIENT: Adapt IT TASK: Advertising design for Adapt IT. RESULT: The challenge was to produce adverts that speak of the group as a whole, the subsidiary companies and their relevant products. Whilst respecting their brand guidelines, we have evolved to an advertising campaign which is thought provoking and stands out against competitors.

Advertising for Rio Tinto Richards Bay Minerals (RBM)


CLIENT: Rio Tinto Richards Bay Minerals (RBM) TASK: Advertising design. Our tasks with Rio Tinto RBM is to produce adverts on demand relevant to their core message or current campaign. Our graphic design team conceptualise and produce adverts for print and online publications as required. RESULT: We are setting a standard for campaign advertising for Rio Tinto [...]