Brochure and Annual Report Design

Producing a great brochure, annual report or even a flyer comes with it’s own set of challenges. It’s all about great content and fantastic imagery to support your message.

Halo Media produces effective print media collateral like brochures, annual reports, high-end tender documents, corporate communications documents, investor relations collateral etc. for some of the best know companies around the world. We combine copywriting (financial and creative) with strong, fresh design and oversee the process through to final print, or to online version seamlessly.

We’ve had loads of fun finding solutions for our clients and addressing the unique challenges each brochure and report project involves. Finding an effective solution within budget and on time is a team effort and we’re privileged to enjoy great teamwork with our clients.

Even in this digital landscape, nothing quite compares to leaving behind a drop dead gorgeous brochure, report or tender document in your potential client or investors hands to help them remember that encounter with you or your company long after the meeting is over. These still remain powerful and wonderfully portable tools to allow your companies brand presence to linger. Yes, we agree that in certain circumstances “Print is dead,” however these still remain an effective marketing tool and a great return on investment in your marketing budget.

Below are some our brochure and annual report design projects we’ve undertaken.