Project Description

Talent Marketing Unilever Employer Brand Graduate Recruitment

Talent Marketing Case study: Unilever

Talent Marketing is a broad subject. There are various forms of Employer Brand marketing initiatives aimed at reaching new Talent. The Unilever Graduate Recruitment team have created an exciting initiative which not only empowers the youth of Africa, but serves as a vital talent marketing platform. We were asked to join them in the creative behind the campaign. is an online masterclass. It has been designed to empower the youth of Africa and boost them forward into a sustainable career. In addition, it exposes a wide range of talent to the Unilever brand and provides an opportunity for them to apply for a sought-after Unilever internship.

     The client gave us five stars!

“Always such a great experience working with the Halo team, they’re responsive, professional and deliver excellent work” – James, Talent Manager, Unilever

A very talented and professional team. Our partnership with Halo is very good. They go above and beyond for projects!” – Mpho, Talent Officer, Unilever


Talent Marketing Campaign concepts:

We name stormed and chose the theme “LevelUP” which refers both to increasing your knowledge, but also to rising in career ranking.

Talent Marketing Campaign Creative:

  • Logo design
  • Website design
  • Presentation design
  • Pull-up Banner
  • Posters
  • Social Media content
  • Exhibition Wall banner

The Unilever LevelUP campaign is a fun and effective way of adding an additional touch point to your Talent Marketing. Check out our other Employer Brand designs here, or get in touch with us to chat about how we can work with you to take your talent marketing to new levels!


Example of infographic design for Rio Tinto mine

The LevelUP logo has been designed based on the Unilever colour palette and using their bespoke corporate font. It was designed as a flat vector to allow for easy use across all materials, including screen-printing.


The Unilever Facebook social media video was produced as an easily shareable video to be shared primarily on Facebook, but can also be shared on Instagram and Twitter. It’s a quick, fun presence for the talent marketing toolkit.


Rio Tinto Corporate anniversary campaign design

A key element in any Talent Marketing portfolio is the website. We chose a single-page WordPress website. The website is not only an information portal but it also acts as a portal for the 8 modules and facilitator note presentations.

These modules are linked to a download monitor to allow the team to view how many times each module has been downloaded. It is also integrated with analytics to view the statistics of the site as a whole.

As a WordPress site, this means the site has CMS functionality. CMS means a Content Management System. This means that it can easily be edited by anyone who has knowledge of how WordPress works.

The portal is an eLearning portal, but, unlike typical online learning platforms like, it features modules and facilitator notes which allows the student to download and to go through them at their own pace. It’s set up to allow for individual or group learning.