Project Description

Orange Mobile through GFK (formerly Global Edge)

Market research design. We were approached by leading Market Research company, Global Edge (now GFK) , to develop and produce a visual solution through market research design and  for their Orange’s AMEA (Africa & Middle East Areas) Consumer Segmentation in 16 countries throughout Africa and the Middle East.

This was a long-lasting project which extended over an 18 month period. The challenge was to accurately portray the customer in each area, and to develop a system to represent the market research data.

Our illustrators developed drawings for each market segment which embodied that region and customer. Together with Global Edge, we created a template of icons and a system to execute it for the 16 individual countries, in both French and English.

  • Theme graphics
    We developed a logo and theme which was carried through for the duration of the project.
  • Illustrations
    This was a challenging, yet incredibly interesting task. It involved researching and working with representatives from the relevant countries to develop a visual representation of their customer. These illustrations were a key feature of the AMEA segmentation.
  • Pen Portraits
    We created over 20 forty-page reports (yes, 800 pages of data!) in French and English. This included custom icons and integration of illustrations.
  • Infographics
    Each page in the report was filled with custom infographics to represent the data.
  • Powerpoint template
    A template was created to incorporate into the presentation package.
  • Keynote Videos
    Each of the areas had 6 Keynote videos produced with individual data, also in French and English. These videos had voiceovers from each consumer area, in their local language/dialect.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your support and dedication to this project– it really is appreciated. It’s also a pleasure to work with calm and understanding folk – such consummate professionals!” – Kellie Jakobi (Africa Director: Consumer Experience, GFK).