Project Description

Keynote Presentation video for a digital screen at reception

IFS are a a Facilities Management company with their head office in Durban. They needed a dynamic and fresh update to showcase their services and culture so we created a a new Keynote Presentation video for them.

We’ve used Keynote as it has an incredibly smooth video output. IFS have a wide range of services in many countries, so we chose to make a 3 minute video which loops seamlessly and shows their services in ±4 second sections. These sections can be viewed together, or individually. This means that someone in reception can get a holistic view of the company, but if they have a long or a short wait, they can see how IFS work.

We’ve featured this company in a Case Study to show all elements of their brand come together to create a cohesive image. You can view their marketing case study here. They had the following to say:

“We definitely have the competitive edge with Halo in our corner” – Marc Rosenberg, IFS.