Project Description

Corporate identity design for a Financial Management Services  Provider

Executive Wealth Management (EWM) – a Financial Management Services Provider.

To design a corporate identity including, logo, corporate stationery, website, signage and office interior decorating.

This corporate identity design brief was to first design a logo for Executive Wealth Management. EWM are a financial management company, so we wanted to keep the logo strong and bold, within the corporate realm. We achieved this through the use of strong, corporate colours, synonymous with trust and reliability. The tree represents growth (of invested funds), life, prosperity, and strength. It also symbolises the stable and long lasting growth of a company.

Once we’d designed the logo, we continued with the corporate identity which includes:

  • Business Card design
  • Email Stationery design
  • Electronic Letterhead design
  • Website design
  • Reception and office signage