Project Description

Elgin Engineering

Corporate identity design

Elgin Engineering is a medium to heavy engineering facility situated in Durban, South Africa, and serving both local and international markets. The company was established in 1949 and is a well respected company within the engineering sector. We were requested to design a logo. HaloMedia’s challenge was that the current logo was outdated, yet research showed that the current logo was well established in the market and that people were familair with it over the 60 years of operation. The logo was also well loved by the workforce and many thought it was an unneccesary change. Research however indicated that it needed a change.

Our approach was to rather refresh the existing logo instead of redesigning it. We believed the existing logo didn’t need a complete redsign, but rather just a refresh. HaloMedia first designed the logo based on the existing identity and modernised it to adapt to current technical standards and developments. The new logo and corporate identity was very well received by both staff and clients.