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Project Description

Design Case Study:
Rio Tinto RBM Corporate Anniversary Campaign

Halo Media have had a long-term relationship with Richards Bay Minerals (RBM). When Rio Tinto took over majority shareholding for RBM, we were heavily involved in the rebrand. Working with a global giant is a treat for us – especially with a brand as well managed as Rio Tinto.

In 2016, RBM celebrated their 40th anniversary. Halo Media were commissioned to produce their corporate anniversary campaign for the full year. Our approach was first to research the history of the company so that we could focus on their core message for the corporate anniversary campaign. We designed and presented three concepts.


Example of infographic design for Rio Tinto mine

The first corporate anniversary campaign concept focused on the statistics of the minerals that RBM produced. It was represented in infographic format. It either showcased the minerals itself, or had lifestyle / mood photos of the mine and it’s people with an overlay of the stats.


Example of corporate anniversary campaign design

This concept focused on the impact of the company in the community. From the sustainable development of dune rehabilitation, through to the community upliftment projects. We used lifestyle imagery with an explanation of the community activity.


Rio Tinto Corporate anniversary campaign design

This campaign looks at the journey of the minerals produced at RBM and their final application.

This was the chosen concept and we worked with the strapline “Forty Forward: The journey to success – from mine to marketplace”. The Forty Forward refers to the Forty year anniversary and future success. It shows the raw product in it’s final format. These include: nail polish; spectacles; satellite and car engine parts, which gave us fantastic abstract imagery to use.

The corporate anniversary campaign has been extremely well received and we’ve had a great opportunity to implement the strong brand presence of Rio Tinto.

The key features to a successful corporate anniversary campaign are first determining your message, and following up with a continuous brand presence. You want to create familiarity, so it’s imperative that the message and imagery remain the same throughout.

With the Rio Tinto RBM corporate anniversary campaign we had several lead images and messages. These were focused around the individual minerals and their applications. This has allowed us to keep brand integrity and continuity, whilst maintaining a fresh look throughout the 12 months of the campaign. Following on from the anniversary campaign, we have been able to utilize the Mine to Marketplace theme for additional advertising independent of the original campaign.

Above are a few samples of the creative campaign applications. We carried the campaign design across the following platforms:

  • Advertising – magazine and newspaper
  • Calendars
  • Diaries
  • Posters
  • Billboards
  • Stationery
  • Anniversary publication brochure.