Project Description

Meropa Communications for the Nelson Mandela Scholarship

Brochure design, event material and corporate video

Sometimes we are very luck to work on projects that share our values. The Nelson Mandela Scholarship was one such project which commemorated 10 years of success, and followed the path of the scholars.

We had a very tight deadline to create a video, 40 page brochure and associated material for their award evening. To be honest, it was bittersweet – we were invited to lunch with Madiba himself, but had we attended the lunch, we wouldn’t have made his deadline, so became one of the very few to turn down a lunch with Tata Madiba! One of our most challenging decisions we’ve made!

We developed a comprehensive brochure outlining the success of the Scholarship Programme, recapping 10 years of students and tracking where the alumni were currently. Our design theme was to create a brochure and relating material, which was reminiscent of a treasured book found in an academic library. The brochure was printed on eco-friendly paper and the design was echoed with the DVD packaging, Event collateral (Table Cards; Credo etc)