Project Description

Elgin Group

Brochure design for the Elgin Group and it’s subsidiary companies.

After rebranding The Elgin Group and subsidiary companies, we developed their marketing and sales material. Part of that was a folder and brochure design to suit their growing business and to allow each company to have it’s own identity, yet still be part of the Group identity.

Developing brochures for a growing holding company requires a different approach. We identified the following needs:

  • A Group brochure design which focuses on the business as a whole, and gives an overview of all subsidiary companies
  • Individual company sales material and brochures which maintain their brand, yet still work together as a family
  • Allowance for acquisition and anticipation of further growth, without having big budget constraints for new developments and change.

We created a Group brochure design, which was finished with a smooth matt laminate as a striking brochure and leave behind. To go into further detail of each company, we designed a Group folder and individual inserts. The folder was our kind of print job – laminated, embossed and varnished (ie. like a party for a designer!). Each insert can be used on it’s own (ie. at exhibitions, company specific meetings etc) and can also be compiled with the others, for a cohesive brochure. By having individual inserts, they are able to tailor their sales material, and importantly, save on the cost of reprinting a whole brochure if a new acquisition joins the family, or they want to add new projects, by just reprinting that particular insert.