Project Description

PixAir (Halo Media’s sister company)

Aerial video production

Halo Media is proud to introduce our sister company PixAir. PixAir is a specialised division focused on high-end aerial video and photography. Headed up by Hayes Cunningham (aka EyeGuy) and Sebastian Meredith (aka FlyGuy), the division specialises in high-end professional aerial photography, film and video work at affordable rates. Each project involves both a cameraman and pilot dedicated to deliver breathtakingly beautiful scences and imagery.

We provide aerial film, video and photography to just about every type of company, event or organisation including Sports events, Civil Engineering, Mining Industry, Film Companies, Estate Developments, Engineering Firms, Event Companies, Factories, Farming Industry, Broadcasting Houses, Hospitality Industry, Government Departments, NGO’s etc.

Equipped with the best remote control aerial technology currently available, we provide the next level of camera mobility and the freedom to put a camera anywhere, any time and shoot at just about any angle.

Our equipment is a fully customised heavy-lift Cinestar 8 drone and includes state-of-the-art high tech features including guided GPS system, fully stabilized 360 pan, tilt and roll camera mounts, wireless video feeds. Whether you require professional photographic stills or full HD video or cinema production let us help you tell your story like never before, quickly and affordably.

Traditional helicopters have low altitude restrictions and to achieve stable footage they require gyroscopic technology which is very costly! We are able to provide full HD video footage at very flexible altitudes at less than half the cost!

For more details view the Pixair website.