pharmaceutical branding detailer design

Hey there! Are you looking for a pharmaceutical branding partner? Then we need to talk!

We’re a Durban based agency, working on a global scale. We’ve developed a unique eDetailer, specifically for the pharmaceutical industry. It’s special in that you can edit it yourself! In addition, we offer:

  • Label and packaging design
  • Inserts
  • Point-of-Sale
  • Website
  • Social media graphics and videos
  • Marketing planning

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Click here to download the Pharmaceutical Branding eDetailer sample.

This is a self-running Powerpoint with interactive features. You can treat it as an “application”. The benefits to this format are:

  • Universal: everybody has PowerPoint, and it’s also available for free online viewing!
  • Budget friendly: it looks like an app, behaves like an app, but doesn’t cost the same as an app, nice!
  • Editable: want to update a statistic? Add in a customer name? No worries, they are editable!

Why work with us? Why not! Seriously though, here are a few benefits to choosing to work with Halo:

  • We’re small. This means we’re agile, responsive and you’ll work with real people who grow to understand your brand and your needs. You can also regularly deal with the company owners, so you can be assured of the best service we can offer
  • We’re good. We’re proud to say we’ve worked with some of the best brands in the world, and check out what they have to say about the quality of our work an service here.
  • We’re customer focused. This means we don’t to work to win awards on your budget. It means everything we do is focused on you and your brand. It’s not just lip-service for us, but it really is core foundation of how we work.
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