Mining brand audits

Mining brand audits allow your mining company to understand the perception of your brand with your key stakeholders.

Are you creating a consistent and positive impression to your current and potential employees, clients, visitors, suppliers and local communities at your mine? Truth is, you'll never know unless you do a brand and perception audit.

Mining brand audits

With over 15 years of experience working in the mining industry, we understand that operating a mine in remote locations can be extremely challenging.

With limited resources and specialised skilled support, you face challenges which can snowball if not addressed.

Some of these challenges result in:

  • Lack of respect or resources for the brand
  • Directional signage becoming confusing or lacking visibility
  • Safety signage being non-compliant or even non-existent
  • Your company image is inconsistent and unprofessional
  • Employees are demoralised, under-informed and underwhelmed
  • On-site communications teams are frustrated and can't reach their targets
  • Local communities surrounding your mine are uninformed about your CSI projects and understandably irritated.

We work with mining companies to identify your problem areas, then define and design a solution with an action list. This brings accountability and guaranteed results.

The mining brand audit includes (but is not limited to):

  • On-Site auditing
    (we come to your site for 2-5 days of auditing)
  • Off-Site auditing
    (we analyse and research your assets and feedback)
  • Perception surveys
    (employees, contractors, communities, stakeholders)
  • Report generation
    (analysis and feedback)
  • Strategy, action & implementation plan
    (action points with guaranteed results upon implementation)
  • Feedback and Q&A presentation
    (key stakeholders meeting with full reporting of challenges, solutions and results).

What is a mining brand audit?

A mining brand audit is simply a brand and perception audit for a mining company.

The goal of our mine brand and perception audits is to identify the challenges on each mine and ensure your brand is creating a consistent and positive impression to both current and potential employees, clients, visitors, communities and suppliers going forward.

We do this by providing:

  • Analysis
    An independent on-site objective analysis of the overall health of your brand from an unbiased perspective. Often when you are so close to daily operations for a sustained length of time, it’s difficult to see a clear way forward.
  • Internal views
    An honest reflection of how the company is perceived from your current employees’ perspective also assists to attract a skilled and competent workforce.
  • External views
    A clear indication of how your brand is perceived from a visitor’s point of view.
  • Community insights
    A summary of the communities point of view. How they view your presence in the area, identifying efficient communication channels and gathering data that will empower your communications teams to strategically engage with their communities in an effective and efficient strategy.
  • Systems review
    A review of the on-site communications team's systems and how to streamline the workflow on the ground.
mine brand and perception audit
vehicle on a remote mine doing a brand audit
mine brand and perception audit graphic showing a clipboard

Your best results come from working with people who understand your needs and know what steps to take.

We know marketing. And we know the mining industry.

Let's chat.

Visual brand audit elements

We design and implement a visual brand audit for your mine based on both our on-site and off-site analysis.

Items include but are not limited to the following:

  • First impressions
    Reception, signage, website, marketing material, business etiquette.
  • Brand custodianship
    Marketing team, asset management, copyright, trademark, photo libraries
  • Corporate identity
    Logos, brand guidelines, stationery etc.
  • Communications
    Internal & external.
  • Marketing collateral
    Brochures, flyers, reports, exhibition stands, website.
  • Advertising
    Online, print, digital.
  • Online presence
    Website, social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.).
  • Branding
    Corporate wear, uniforms, gifts and promotional items, vehicles, outdoor branding etc.

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