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5 Reasons to choose a WordPress Website

5 Quick Reasons why a WordPress Website is a good choice

We work in a website platform called WordPress. It's a software which we install onto hosting servers and we can design and develop websites on it. Here are our top five...
cheap stock logo

The expensive cost of cheap stock logos

Should you buy a cheap stock logo? Cheap budget logos? You say yes? We say no, and here’s why… So, you started a company and came up with a name...
How to keep your online content fresh

3 ways to keep your online content fresh

Keeping your content marketing fresh is tough! Its a challenge to keep your blog and newsletters fresh and relevant. Here's 3 quick tips to help you out (you're welcome!) It’s...
training safety videos south africa

Traditional Training vs Training Videos

5 REASONS WHY VIDEO IS BETTER THAN TRADITIONAL TRAINING METHODS. Traditional Training vs Training Videos. Video is by far the most in-demand form of media globally. Let’s give you a...
How long does it take to make a website?

How long does it take to make a website?

You might be wondering how long does it take to make a website? There are many factors which affect how long it takes to make a website. These include: How...
Website care and maintenance packages

Why you need a website care and maintenance packages

Website maintenance and care is crucial to keep your website running well and your content fresh and relevant. Your website is not a static object. Much like a car which...

WordPress website design FAQ

A few FAQ about WordPress website design Our UK and South African based WordPress website design team are often asked questions when we submit proposals. Here are a few answers...
Need a website design? Check out our explainer video.

Need a new website design? Get started here.

Want a new website? No idea where to start? Lets look at what is required. 1)  What do you want from your new website? What do you want your website...
8 steps to your best logo design

8 steps for your best logo design

8 steps for your best logo design As you may know, having a good logo is an immeasurable requirement for your business or brand. And the difference between a normal logo...