Luxury Spa Marketing and Brand Design

Luxury Spa Marketing and Brand Design

Project services include:

Logo design
Price Lists
Social media
Marketing strategy

Luxury Spa Marketing and Brand Development – Gatsby Spa

Gatsby Spa owns two luxury spas based in the popular South African resort, Sun City. Their target market is local and international tourists who enjoy the finer side of life! Gatsby needed an identity that reflected the nature of their upmarket business. In addition, they needed a strong brand, a social media presence and a marketing plan to work to. They required a marketing and graphic design company to partner with and they chose Halo!

We started with the logo first. We chose a decadent black and gold, which taps into the luxurious nature of this business. This was rolled out in all uses of the brand, from the logo, to the website and social media. The Gatsby team were supplied with a full logo pack to share with various service providers, along with a How-To manual for logo use. Thereafter, we designed their brochure, pricelists, website and ongoing social media campaign.

Luxury Spa Marketing and brand design

We did a marketing strategy session and planned out a 12-month campaign to work through their focus points. This strategy was shared with their team. We covered customer service, sales techniques and how to work with their social media presence. The marketing strategy also covered negative feedback and how that can influence a brand. Each of the strategy elements had an easy-to-roll-out action plan, and responsibilities list to allow for easy implementation.

Gatsby Spa has experienced ongoing growth, both in their special team (known as the Gatsby Angels) and their customer loyalty. They’ve been enjoying success on social media and have been excelling as multiple international award winners.

They are also, easily, one of the nicest companies to work with!

“Welcome to The Halo Effect! Halo Media is the go-to company for your brand.

I have been very privileged to work with them since 2009 and have no hesitation in recommending the company they have worked so hard to create. The team is dynamic and creative with exceptionally high standards of perfection. They are so passionate about creating a successful, unique brand.

It's a truly honest relationship with each client and they certainly go the extra mile”.

– Heidi Gavagnin | Managing Director

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