Luxury Branding and Design

Luxury branding and design for fashion house, Empiro

We were approached by a fashion company to develop a new brand that better suited their luxury target audience. We worked with them to define their market and positioning which resulted in a new name and full rebrand.

Luxury branding and design for a fashion house, Empiro

Empiro was formerly known as House of Hollywood. They were known for their exquisite standards in tailoring, along with stocking some of the most famous brands in the world including Karl Lagerfeld and Etro. They knew, however, that their existing brand wasn't in keeping with their target audience or their new premises.

Analysis showed that they needed a full rebrand. This kicked off with a brand strategy to identify their target audience, market position and unique differentiators from the competition. We researched and put forward different names and logos, and the chosen option was Empiro.

Example of luxury branding for a fashion company showing a logo mockup

Analysing target audiences was the first step. It was through this process that we learned that their customer is discerning, enjoys luxury and masculine fashion.

We worked on three identities. The first was an evolution of the founding name (Hollywood 2000 became House of Hollywood). The second was Monarch – a nod to royal status and the location of their flagship store at a property called the Arch.

The final name, Empiro, is an invented word which plays homage to Empire, with an Italian spin. This allows them to have the connotation of power, success, and strength. The helmet creates an iconic logo mark which shows flair and an instantly recognisable identity.

By having a created name, they had easy access to copyright, a URL and social media handles.

Simple, effective, consistent branding

The logo is a simple, one-colour brand mark. This allows for easy application across a range of touchpoints. For a fashion label, this meant we needed to brand:

  • Website
  • Signage
  • Clothing labels & tabs
  • App
  • Stickers, packaging and bags
Luxury Brand Design example of fashion signage
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In-Store branding

The Empiro brand is an in-store experience. Watch this video walk-through and meet with the founder at their Umhlanga Arch store. Or even better, visit them in person the next time you are in the area.

Website design

The Empiro website began as a one-page site with a focus on sending foot-traffic to their new store which was situated at The Umhlanga Arch, a property brand we developed. In time Empiro created an online store to match their internal stock. View their one-page site here.

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