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Luxury branding for a private members club – The Pencil

The Pencil Club is an exclusive private member club. With a focus on quality and experience, they knew they needed luxury branding that was thoughtful and elegant … that spoke to their brand values and love of artistic quality.

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These were the initial logo concepts which were developed for the fundraising portion of the branding excercise.

Luxury branding for a unique private members club.

The idea behind the name "The Pencil" originated before the club was even built. The concept is to look at everything that goes into a simple pencil – from the timber to make the wood, to the lead extraction from ores, to the skill and craft to bring everything together into one too. A simple pencil has powerful outcomes ... capturing ideas.

This encompasses the idea of what the human spirit can achieve when we all work together – and The Pencil club is a place for those who change the world to meet.

The initial concepts were created for the private investment fundraising through to launch, and finally to create the brand elements for their internal marketing team to take over.

Simple, elegant, aspirational

The original creative work started at the fundraising stage. The club is part of a multi-use property development branding project that we worked on.

We work with private equity companies to develop portfolio brands, and this was one of those projects.

It began with creating an initial branding concept. The brand was then developed from initial pitch deck design ideas to a launch with all key elements.

Once this was fine-tuned, we handed it over to their internal marketing team to pick up and continue with it.

Example of luxury packaging brand design for men showing beard oil
Example of luxury packaging design showing cosmetic body care mockup

Exploring luxury brands as part of an investment fund raise.

The first phase included fundraising and the club was being built. Thereafter we developed the full corporate identity. This included

  • Concept graphics
  • Brand strategy
  • Fundraising pitch deck PowerPoint presentations
  • Investor relations document
  • Pre-launch design support
  • Pre-launch website holding page

Luxury branding requires a deep understanding of the target audience and their desires and needs. This knowledge is then distilled into simplicity and elegance.

Luxury branding marketing collateral

Once the club was built, we helped to develop the launch and operational marketing material. This included:

  • Brand Guidelines
  • Corporate Stationery
  • Interactive brochures
  • Print brochures
  • Invitation and event collateral
  • Asset library creation
  • Membership forms & documentation
  • Advertising & Press kits


Why is it important to choose luxury branding experts?

Luxury branding agencies understand how to create, develop, and manage luxury brands. The agencies know the subtleties of branding for luxury companies – from creating a sense of exclusivity to communicating heritage and high standards. Luxury branding agencies play a crucial role when it comes to establishing or elevating a company's position within the luxury market.

Various strategies are employed by branding agencies to create a sense of exclusivity. The goal is to cultivate a sense of exclusivity and prestige for their clients by using elements such as limited edition products, high price points, and exclusive partnerships. Through emphasising craftsmanship, heritage, and the highest quality standards, your brand and marketing strategy shapes the perception of luxury – making consumers feel privileged to be part of an exclusive club.

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