Investment advisory company branding

Strategic advisory and investment branding

Africa Matters is a strategic advisory company, focused on African investment and solutions. They needed a new brand which reflected their growth and positioning within the marketplace.

The result is a brand which aligned with the company direction and reputation as a leader within their African markets.

Investment branding logo design mockup

Strategic Advisory and Investment branding

Africa Matters is a strategic advisory firm with a primary focus on Africa, dedicated to fostering sustainable investment across the continent.

Established in 1997, their mission is to provide comprehensive support to investors and businesses operating in Africa while showcasing the continent's potential for rewarding financial outcomes. Their active presence contributes to positive development in the region.

To enhance their brand identity, they sought a rebranding initiative. We initiated the process by conducting a thorough brand assessment and strategy workshop, delving into uncovering their unique selling proposition (USP), market positioning, competitor analysis, and translating these insights into their revamped brand strategy.

Investment branding example of stationery design
investment company branding example of a brochure mockup

 Digital presence

The rebrand included a website which allows their team to update their advisory newsletter and team. Their website empowers them to communicate their key messages, attract a wider audience, and ultimately achieve their online goals.

  • Site architecture: It is a unique build and development tailored to their requirements
  • Dynamic: The site features dynamic functionality and also an engaging and interactive animation on the home page.
  • Responsive: The site is responsive and viewable on a range of devices
  • Editable: WordPress software is editable by their team
  • On brand: The UX design is on-brand and complimented by templates for their newsletters
  • Growth orientated: It can be extended further as the company grows

Core visual identity elements behind investment branding

  • Logo
  • Logo guide
  • Letterhead design
  • PowerPoint template designs
  • Email stationery
  • Business cards
  • Newsletter templates
  • Social media branding
  • Website design & development
investment branding pitchdeck example shown as a mockup on a laptop

PowerPoint templates

We find that the investment and advisory industry really relies on great PowerPoint templates.

There is a need to create professional documents with a quick turnaround. Our well-designed presentation templates have the colours, fonts, graphics and master slides set up to allow the user complete freedom to create their content with a professional outcome.

Investment roadshow banner designs example

Investor roadshow material

If you're taking your brand on the road, or simply want a greater brand presence in your lobby or boardroom, a well-positioned banner gives a quick, professional presence.

It's important to choose a good quality product. The cheap ones have a tendency to fall over easily, and this doesn't allow for a positive brand experience. Additionally, you can reprint the banner itself, so you have a longer shelf-life for your mechanism.

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