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Hello, we're Halo.
We're a mining marketing agency.

It's tough to find an experienced partner to assist with mining brands' marketing and communications. Mines have unique challenges that require tailored solutions.

Halo Media are global leaders in mining marketing, brand, and communications. We'll work with your team to create custom brand and communication services tailored to the mining industry. We'll help you connect with your people, community, investors and other key stakeholders.

As one of the few marketing and brand communications agencies, globally, our track record with mines around the world mean we can bring experience, skills and enthusiasm to your brand challenges.

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How can we help?

Maybe you're a communications manager, you're tasked with managing daily communications at your mine, but you lack the resources to implement them.

Or you're in External Affairs looking for a partner to develop media relations, marketing, stakeholder and external communications collateral. Someone who knows how to connect your brand with your local community.

You could be a Safety, Ops or HR Manager who needs to share vital Health & Safety campaigns or educate your mining workforce on topics like ESG and Diversity. However, you don't have access to the right people to make your vision a reality. We can help with that.

Examples of mining communications and branding

    Brand and perception audits

    A brand audit is an independent and objective analysis of your brand. We do this by looking overall internal and external health of your brand. This ensures you consistently create the right impression to both current and potential employees, clients, visitors and the community at large. Read more.

    mining marketing in africa advertising design

    Brand management

    Managing your brand needs resources, time and skills that you may not have in-house, so we act as your Brand Custodians. We work with you to manage all aspects of your brand, from start to finish. This allows you and your team to focus on doing what you do best, knowing that we’ve got your back.

    mining marketing in africa - brochure design

    Internal communications

    You need to connect with your employees and key team members, but do you know how to? Our experienced team will help you strategise effective communication plans, develop key messaging channels and create relevant content that brings results.

    Sustainable development report design for mining company Rio Tinto

    External communications

    Engaging with your external stakeholders, communities, investors and customers requires professional collateral and efficient strategies. We'll work with you to develop external communications plans and implement them across your channels.

    exhibition stand design for mining indaba

    Exhibitions and trade shows

    You may want to take your brand on the road. Once you know where you want to be, we’ll help you show off your company at its best. Our exhibition and trade show stand designs have won awards. So from a pull-up banner to a Mining Indaba stand, let’s chat about your requirements.

    Mining video, photography 360º virtual tours

    Video & photography

    We have an experienced team who can travel on-site to urban and remote locations. We shoot aerial and ground video and photography including 360 virtual tours. A dynamic asset library is critical in producing effective communication collateral.

    Induction video for mines in Africa

    Digital marketing

    Digital marketing is a vital element for your online presence – from your website to your social media. Through SEO, PPC and content strategy, we'll help you have a consistent, professional brand that appeals to employees, stakeholders, customers and investors.

    health campaign for mines in africa

    Health & safety campaigns

    Malaria, diabetes, TB, AIDS and awareness days and more.  Halo Media can produce a full SHEQ campaign based on your requirements. These are available in English, French, Portuguese and local African languages, across sub-Saharan Africa.

    Safety videos and toolbox talks

    Training & toolbox talks

    Safety is a subject we need to educate about. But it's so hard finding good material to use! We produce toolbox talks for your workplace – digital distribution, newsletters, noticeboards, and videos. We also produce safety and induction videos in conjunction with your SHEQ team.

    Maybe the Mining Marcomms Scorecard can help you with this.
    With a quick and simple assessment, you'll be able to identify what's working and what's not.

    Other marketing and communication services we offer to the mining industry

    As a full-service brand agency, we offer a wide range of communication solutions for marketing for the mining industry.

    Our core brand beliefs are to have consistency across all marketing touch points. By keeping our solutions in-house, and projects managed by us, we're able to maintain brand uniformity whilst bringing additional value by developing templates and systems across various departments.

    Brand Management

    • Corporate identity

    • Brand Strategy

    • Communication collateral

    • PowerPoint presentations

    Internal Communications

    • Newsletters

    • Noticeboards

    • Campaigns (HR, Safety, Comms)

    • Safety videos

    External Communications

    • Signage

    • Publications

    • Corporate videos

    • Websites

    FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Marketing for the Mining Industry

    Here are some questions we are frequently asked. If you have any questions you'd like answered, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll answer them!

    Marketing for mining companies is about positioning the mining brand in front of their consumers.

    But these days it's not just about the consumer – it's about their investors, employees, stakeholders and local communities. We define this marketing for mines in a broader sense of mining communications, with selected target messages and audiences.

    Mining Advertising and Marketing Resources and Articles

    Mining marketing case studies

    Here are some examples of our brand solutions for mining companies and mining-related industries.


    Brand and Design for Mining Company, Rio Tinto

    Mining company branding


    Facilities Management Brand and Design

    Facilities services for the mining sector


    Brand and Marketing Design for Mining Company, South32

    Mining company branding

    Mining Marketing Insights

    A successful partnership is an educated one. Here are some of our insights into brand and communications for the mining industry. Got any questions? Share them and we'll answer them in a blog!

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    Your best results come from working with people who understand your industry.

    We know marketing. And we know the mining industry.

    It makes sense to Choose Halo.


    Client testimonials

    Nice things clients said about Halo Media that we shared with our parents (and they told everybody, even random people at the shops).


    "My team was very impressed with their creativity, detail, & speed. They are very committed and thorough to ensure that they have covered off the brief and content to our liking. I highly recommend Halo Media!

    – Amber, Google


    "Best company, hands down! Halo have such authentic people, and working with them makes my job so much easier.”

    – Gaynor, South32

    WPP logo - a client of Halo Media

     “The work looks spectacular, but that's no surprise! Halo Media always deliver well above and beyond!"

    – Stephanos, WPP

    GFK Logo - a client of Halo Media

     “It’s a pleasure to work with calm and understanding folk – such consummate professionals!”

    – Kellie, GFK

    Absa bank logo – a client of Halo Media

     “Halo have invested themselves in learning our business requirements and supplying innovative and creative solutions for our marketing – reliably and consistently. They’ve gone above and beyond, and really are integral to our process now.”

    – Ryan, Absa

    We choose to work with companies we admire, and work well with. Their words of support have mean so much to us! Read more here.