If you're serious about your business, then you need to choose a team who are seriously experienced in branding businesses.


Hello, we're Halo.
We are B2B branding and design agency.

We believe in consistency and cohesiveness across all touchpoints, leading to enhanced brand recognition and customer loyalty.

There are too many choices in life. And if you're responsible for marketing and communications at your company, chances are you have a tough choice choosing your branding agency.

It's crucial to work with a team of professionals who have experience and skills to craft a strong brand identity, positioning, messaging and visual elements that resonate with your target audience.

Perhaps we can help you make that decision, by sharing some key factors that influence your decision: Experienced skilled people.

Experienced, skilled people

We've worked in the B2B sector for decades, continually learning to up our game with well-respected global brands. This means we're not cutting our teeth on your brand – we're bringing our A Game!

Our team consists of skilled marketing, design and content professionals. We have a wide variety of skills which allow you access to a broad spectrum of key touchpoints, all within one team.

We're people-centric. It means we focus our efforts on the people your brand impacts – your team, your audience, your community.

Choose Halo … and experience skilled people

Examples of B2B Branding and Marketing elements
    Private equity powerpoint presentation design example
    Brand strategy investment marketing

    Brand Strategy

    Brand strategy is the planning and framework that guides how a company positions and presents itself in the market.

    It involves defining the brand's purpose, target audience, unique value proposition (UVP) or key differentiator, messaging, visual identity, and experiences to create a distinctive and compelling brand presence that resonates with customers and drives business success.

    The Halo Media Group - a UK based branding agency example of work

    Brand management

    Brand management is all about taking care of your brand like a boss. It's the ongoing effort to maintain, boost, and safeguard your brand's reputation.

    It involves monitoring brand perception, ensuring brand consistency, managing brand assets, developing brand guidelines, conducting market research, and implementing brand-building initiatives to nurture a strong and favourable brand image in the minds of your audience.

    Company naming example by UK branding agency, Halo Media

    Company naming

    There is a saying "It's not easy to see the label when you're inside the bottle" and it's apt when you are looking to rename your business or find a name for your company – it's a challenge!

    We've named many companies, and we do it strategically. This includes market, audience and competitor research to create a memorable and impactful name that leads to better brand recognition and customer engagement.

    example of corporate stationery by UK based agency, The Halo Media Group

    Corporate stationery

    Letterheads, business cards, email signatures, PowerPoint templates … these are all key touchpoints and vital elements of any business. 

    Your brand's continuity is ensured by paying attention to all touchpoints, and they start internally with your stationery.

    Example of a brochure design by London branding and design agency Halo Media

    Marketing materials

    If you're putting your foot forward, make it your best foot forward! That includes marketing materials that make your sales team strut!

    Professionally designed and written marketing materials present a compelling brand image, educate about your service/product, drive higher engagement, and ultimately contribute to business growth.

    Mining video, photography 360º virtual tours

    Video & photography

    Your brand assets should include spectacular images and compelling videos. Our extended team includes photographers, videographers, aerial imagery and 360º tours. 

    Our in-house team produces, edits and animates corporate videos, explainers, social media videos and more.

    Internal communication branding agency example by The Halo Media Group

    Internal communications

    Motivated and efficient internal communications are vital for organisations.

    They foster transparency, collaboration, and alignment among employees, boosting morale and teamwork.

    We'll collaborate with you to strategize and achieve your internal communication objectives, while also identifying metrics to gauge their impact.

    Sustainability report design as an example of external comms

    External communications

    External communications play a vital role in business success, shaping public perception and relationships.

    Engaging content and effective messaging build brand reputation, attract customers, and drive growth.

    When working on your communication strategy, we'll align with your goals and KPIs to optimise your external comms.

    website design example by branding design agency The Halo Media Group

    Websites & digital marketing

    Websites and digital marketing are crucial for businesses, offering a strong online presence, customer attraction, and expanded reach.

    Effective communication, brand building, lead generation, and sales growth are enabled in today's digital world. Our team delivers exceptional web design, development, and expert digital marketing strategies (including PPC and SEO) for success.

    A breakdown of our branding and design agency services

    As a full-service branding agency, we offer a wide range of communication solutions for B2B companies.

    Consistency is at the heart of our brand beliefs. By managing projects in-house, we ensure uniformity across all marketing touchpoints. This allows us to develop templates and systems that bring added value to different departments while upholding our core brand values.

    Brand design

    • Brand Strategy

    • Visual identity design

    • Company naming

    • Templates

    Internal Communications

    • Newsletters

    • Campaigns (HR, Culture, Leadership)

    • Employee surveys

    • Onboarding & Training material

    External Communications

    • Advertising (Digital, traditional)

    • Publications (Annual Reports etc)

    • Social media (branding & content)

    • Websites

    FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions to our branding agency

    We've been in the business of connecting people and brands for decades.

    Here are a few of the frequently asked questions that we get.

    A brand is the unique essence and identity of a company, product, or service. It encompasses the name, logo, design, and overall perception that distinguishes it from others. It represents the values, personality, and promises, creating trust and loyalty.

    Brands connect with people, create memorable experiences and influence their decisions.

    See some of our branding agency's case studies


    Luxury branding design for fashion house Empiro

    Luxury fashion branding


    Structured Products Marketing and Design

    Financial services company branding


    Brand and Marketing Design for Mining Company, South32

    Mining company branding

    Your best results come from working with people who understand your industry.

    We know brands. And we know how to connect them with people.

    It makes sense to Choose Halo.

    Client testimonials

    Nice things clients said about Halo Media that we shared with our parents (and they told everybody, even random people at the shops).


    "My team was very impressed with their creativity, detail, & speed. They are very committed and thorough to ensure that they have covered off the brief and content to our liking. I highly recommend Halo Media!

    – Amber, Google


    "Best company, hands down! Halo have such authentic people, and working with them makes my job so much easier.”

    – Gaynor, South32

    WPP logo - a client of Halo Media

     “The work looks spectacular, but that's no surprise! Halo Media always deliver well above and beyond!"

    – Stephanos, WPP

    GFK Logo - a client of Halo Media

     “It’s a pleasure to work with calm and understanding folk – such consummate professionals!”

    – Kellie, GFK

    Absa bank logo – a client of Halo Media

     “Halo have invested themselves in learning our business requirements and supplying innovative and creative solutions for our marketing – reliably and consistently. They’ve gone above and beyond, and really are integral to our process now.”

    – Ryan, Absa

    We choose to work with companies we admire, and work well with. Their words of support have mean so much to us! Read more here.