Improve your brand image

Improve your brand image in 3 steps, today

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room.” - Jeff Bezos | Amazon

Whether you are focused on your personal brand, or your company brand, you have an image and people have a perception about you (your company). Whilst you can't control perceptions, you can learn from them and make decisions based on them. Armed with those decisions, you can choose how to project your image, and to improve your brand.

Ideally we can all benefit from a brand audit. A brand audit is a detailed analysis on the strengths and perceptions of your brand; how your staff feel and how your marketing endeavours are working. We’re offering Brand Audits to our clients – click here to read a little more about it and then give us a call – we’d love to have a coffee and discuss how this investment pays out.

But here is one thing you can do today, to improve your brand.

Look at your brand. From the Outside in.

What do we mean? We’re asking you to approach it from the OUTSIDE In – and look at what first impression you are making.

How can you do this? Here are three Outside-In approaches:

How to improve your brand image - 3 easy steps to get started

1. Your signage

Go outside and look at your signage: Do you have any? Is it clean and in good shape, or is it rusted with missing letters? What does this say about your company – that you are committed to it and you respect it? Or does it show that you don’t value your first impression, or care about your customers to show them how to find you?

Action: Check your signage is in good condition – install, clean, repair and reflect that it shows up well day or night, and stands out from your competitors.

2. Your reception

Phone reception and listen to how they answer the phone – does this experience embody your company values? Pretend you are someone else so you can experience what your potential client experiences. Are they friendly? Do they speak well and are they knowledgeable about your services/products ? Ask your receptionist what your company does – do they know? Are they helpful and do you want to hear more?

Action: Ensure that your receptionist knows their value to the company and invest in training them to make the best first impression.

3. Your website

When was the last time you visited your company website? Company image is not static, so your website needs continual updating to keep it in line with your values and news. Is it easy to find the information you want your visitors to know? Does your website reflect your company, or is it outdated and confusing? Ensure that it is easy to find your contact information and that your content is relevant and correct.

Action: Visit your website and read it. Is it fresh? Does the tone reflect your business voice? Is the news fresh? Or is it from last December? Make a point to check your content and images so that they are unique and appealing.

Let us know how these steps work for you when you improve your brand and feel free to give us a shout if you need any advice!

Do you want to improve your brand? Are you interested in a Brand Audit? Yes? Then click here, read a little more and then let's get started!