Corporate and Brand Identity

A company's brand identity is not a logo. It's the perception of the company and where it stands in the market.

Corporate identity design agency Halo Media UK

Corporate brand identity – think of this as the personality and face of your business.

What is a brand? Some may think it's a logo, but it's more than that … it's the perception of a company. It's the feeling you get when you think of them. It affects every key touchpoint of your company – from how you are perceived by your target audience and marketplace, to how your staff feel about their employer. Your brand influences if people will want to buy from you and want to work for you.

At Halo, we're big believers that brands need to be created on a solid foundation, and not just a logo. To achieve this, we work from a brand strategy framework for all our brands. From there we cover the corporate brand identity elements. Thereafter, we move into the Brand Management phase where we look into your internal and external communications and the day-to-day brand requirements.

We also work with you to identify and produce your key marketing materials to give you the tools to communicate with your market, and your digital communications to connect with your audience and staff online.

Brand Strategy

Your brand strategy is the map to which you launch and maintain your brand image. Without one, you are simply throwing elements and collateral in the air, hoping they will land in the right place.

We work with you to research, identify, strategise and put thoughts into a meaningful action plan. This strategy functions as the map for you to not only build your visual brand, but your positioning in the marketplace.

Corporate brand identity / logo design

A professionally designed logo sets you apart from your competition and gives you a recognisable identity for your target audience.

It's important that your company has a logo which not only looks good but works well technically too. It needs to be able to be reproduced correctly in very small, and very large scale formats. 

PowerPoint templates

These days we use PowerPoint more and more as an everyday communication tool for your business documents.

At Halo, we create unique document templates in PowerPoint allowing you to publish your own social media, fact sheets, sales sheets and more.

Many designers don't know how to create a correct template – our PowerPoint templates have correctly setup master slides, colours, fonts and come with a style guide.

Company Naming

Does your business have a name? It's exciting when you are planning your new company or even rebranding an existing one. Naming used to be a simple process – there were less companies around! But now, the competition for a well-named company and to be easily found online means you need to put time into naming your business.

Visual identity system

A visual identity system can include a brand guideline (sometimes also called a CI – Corporate Identity).

It covers the measures you have in place to care for your company image. Your brand guidelines will cover:

  • Logo usage
  • Colours
  • Safe space
  • Typography
  • Vision, mission and values
  • Application across marketing collateral

Corporate stationery

Company stationery includes:

  • Business card design
  • Letterhead design
  • Email signatures
  • PowerPoint templates