Brand management

Brand management is when we partner with you to ensure that your brand stays in line with your strategy and stays consistent in key touchpoints.

Brand management The Halo Media Group

Brand management is when we partner with you to take care of all aspects of your brand, allowing you to focus on your business.

It's one thing developing a beautiful brand that you are super proud of, but it's another keeping it going!

With brand management, we're by your side to ensure that communicating your brand to your key stakeholders aligns with your strategy and is consistent across all your key touchpoints.

Internal and external communications

Communicating your message clearly and through the correct channels to your internal team and your external stakeholders.

Advertising design {Print and online}

We design adverts for print and online. We design not only for paid advertising, but increasingly we design LinkedIn, YouTube and email advertising, which companies send out themselves.

Brochures and marketing collateral

Brochures, fact sheets, sales sheets, trade presenters. We help you put your products and services down into soft and hard copy in a compelling format for easy distribution.


Campaign work is a favourite of ours. A good campaign is memorable and effective across all the channels of your organisation.

Report design

Annual reports, sustainable development reports, financial statements and more. We're experienced in working with data and presenting it attractively, cohesively and on time.

Hello. We're Halo.

We are marketing designers working in partnership with select B2B companies in UK, Australia and South Africa.

Mining Marketing & Design in Africa

Mining Marketing and Design

Employer Branding design and marketing

Employer Branding Design & Marketing

Property Development Logo design in South Africa and England

Property Development Marketing