Brand identity

A company's brand identity is not a logo. It's the who, why, how and what behind your company – it's how you feel when you think of them.

Corporate identity and logo design in UK and South Africa

Brand identity – think of this as the face and personality of your business.

What is a brand? Some may think it's a logo, but it's more than that … it's the perception of a company, the feeling you get when you think of them.

A brand identity is a holistic view of your company image. We have a structured blueprint to developing brand identities which align with our focus sectors (mining, financial services and investment).

Let's unpack your brand identity and the key elements in it.

Diagram of brand identity elements

Brand identity breakdown

Your brand strategy is the map to which you launch and maintain your brand image. Without one, you are simply throwing elements and collateral in the air, hoping they will land in the right place. Our team works with you to research, identify, strategise and put thoughts into a meaningful action plan.

    Brand Strategy

    A brand strategy is a process and outcome that defines a company's reputation, core values and positioning in the marketplace. During a brand strategy we analyse:

    • Your purpose, vision, mission and values
    • Competitor audits
    • Customer persona
    • Differentiation and positioning
    • Brand personality, voice, language and attributes
    • Communication core messaging
    • Visual identity mood board

    A brand strategy is a collaborative process and can range from a basic overview to a comprehensive strategy. Chat to us about our brand strategy options and which best suits your stage of business.

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    Company Naming

    It's exciting when you plan your new company or even rebrand an existing one. Finding the perfect name is an ideal way to connect with your target market and help you reach your vision.

    Company naming used to be a simple process – there were fewer companies around! But now, the competition for a well-named company and to be easily found online means you need to put time into naming your business.

    Halo Media will help you with this critical part of your brand identity by developing company name options which align with your target audience, tone and market positioning.

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    Logo design

    Your brand's visual identity is first seen in your logo. A professionally designed logo sets you apart from your competition and gives you a recognisable identity.

    The logo design process needs to be carefully considered as there are numerous factors that influence a successful logo design.

    We look at how well it will reproduce from a tiny web banner advert, through to a billboard. If the contrast is high enough to pass web accessibility standards and simple enough to embroider on a uniform or on your company signage.

    Often a company will look at their logo in the micro … not looking at the big picture of future growth. We'll work with you to create a brand designed for longevity.

    As part of our standard logo package, we create a mood board showing mockups of how your logo will look and a logo spec sheet which gives you a base guide on how to use your logo in full colour, black and white in addition to supplying your colours in CMYK, RGB and HEX.

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    Brand identity exampleExample of a brand identity visual guide including brand tone and keywords

    Visual identity

    Once your logo has been developed, we'll create the rest of your brand. If you've gone through the Brand Strategy process with us you'll already have a mood board for your brand.

    With your visual identity, we create the big-picture visuals that define how your brand behaves. We visualise your logo across a range of marketing collateral and applications. This gives you a base to keep your brand in check.

    We define the usage parameters and create a brand guideline (also known as a visual identity guideline). This includes logo application, brand colours and typography.

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    Corporate stationery

    • Corporate stationery design includes:
    • Business card design
    • Letterhead design (digital and printed if you want)
    • Email signatures
    • PowerPoint templates

    It can also include support documentation such as invoicing and internal forms and documentation.

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    PowerPoint templates

    These days we use PowerPoint more and more as an everyday communication tool for your business documents. At Halo, we create unique document templates in PowerPoint allowing you to publish your own social media, fact sheets, sales sheets and more.

    As PowerPoint design specialists, our templates have fully editable and customised master slides; colours; fonts and style guides. This allows you the freedom to create and edit your own presentations without needing to call us to make a change. We develop templates as part of a full brand package and not as stand-alone elements.

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