It’s not very often that I am speechless (those around me can attest to that!). However, this work of digital illustration art is a bit mind blowing… can you believe it’s finger painted?!

Digital Illustration using an iPad

Using only a finger, an iPad Air and the app Procreate, artist Kyle Lambert has painted a photorealistic portrait of actor Morgan Freeman. Based in the UK, Kyle Lambert finger paints unbelievable realistic portraits of Hollywoods stars on his iPad.

This Morgan Freeman portrait took him over 200 hours and 285,00 brush strokes to complete.

A video time-lapse below shows how it was created… still hard to believe it’s not a photo, even watching it come to life!

Kyle says:  “One of the big reasons I decided to do this painting was to inspire other budding artists to embrace digital art. A friend of mine who is a school teacher explained to me recently that whenever he plays one of my painting videos in class, his students become noticeably more engaged and excited about creating art. The idea that more people are engaging in art because of something that I have created is amazing to me.”

View more of Kyle’s art here.

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