In January 2013 we were asked to do a  corporate video shoot for an American Tyre company based in Durban, South Africa who sponsored Kingsley Holgate.

Although it’s hard to imagine that anyone living in Africa with an adventourous spirit hasn’t heard of Kingsley. Kingsley Holgate is considered one of Africa’s most colourful modern day explorers. A humanitarian adventurer, author, TV Personality and fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. Getaway Magazine calls him their Explorer in Residence, the most travelled man in Africa.

His humanitarian adventures, many of which are world firsts, have included (From

A Cape to Cairo crossing of Africa in open boats, the Zambezi and Congo, rivers and a circumnavigation of Lake Turkana, the world’s largest desert lake.

He has sailed the Makgadigadi Salt Pans in land yachts and in another expedition called ‘Extreme Latitude’ they travelled on foot, by bicycle, bullock cart, dugout canoe and Land Rover circumnavigating the globe by land following the Tropic of Capricorn.

Kingsley Holgate corporate video with Halo Media







“After countless expeditions it was time to give something back to Mama Africa.”

Their year long “African Rainbow” expedition to the Somali border and back in an Arab sailing dhow allowed them to distribute tens of thousands of mosquito nets to pregnant mothers and to children under the age of five in a campaign called “One Net One Life”.

Using adventure to improve lives, “The Outside Edge”, a 448 day 33 country geographic and humanitarian expedition to track the outline of Africa has been hailed as the most successful expedition ever undertaken in support of Malaria Prevention.

Kingsley and his team have just returned from the All Afrika Expedition, a somewhat dangerous and difficult odyssey aimed at embracing the entire African continent.

Kingsley Holgate corporate video shoot with Halo Media







The concept was to have a normal sedan vehicle approach the camera and unpedictably this great traveller would lean out the vehicle and say that the tyres would not only get you safely to the destination, but also bring you back again! He then takes his cap off and put’s in on his daughters head in a baby chair in the back seat. He then drives off with a cheeky wave of his hand into the distance.

Kingsley Holgate in a car for Halo Media corporate video







As with many clients, time and budget was paramount! Achieving a high standard of stabilised footage within budget and limited time frame was non-negotiable on this project. One of the shots required a shot tracking the vehicle through an avenue of trees which is a prime example of a shot that could never be done using a traditional helicopter or lengthy time (and budget) spent on setting up a shot like this.

Aerial Video and Photography

It was our first aerial video project with our sister company, Pixair. With our new high-end aerial drone were able to deliver stunning shots of this epic adventure within the time frame and budget effortlessly.

We truly are privileged to be able to film in a country with such great weather!

In the words of Kingsley; ” The Swiss may have invented a good clock, but it’s Mamma Africa who holds the time!” Anyone who lives or has lived in Africa will know exactly what this means.

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