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The form and information below allows to accurately capture your information and avoids all the back and forth.


Team members
Your main contact is your project manager. You may be introduced to a designer during the design phase, however, please always cc your project manager to ensure that we have consistent communication. Any non-design-related enquiries are to be addressed to your project manager (costings; 3rd party suppliers etc).

Supplying Content
Please supply content in writing (a non-formatted MS Word is ideal). This content needs to be final and approved by members of your team prior to submission to Halo. This is to avoid unnecessary cost changes by making major revisions during the design phase. Major revisions will incur extra charges.

Supplying images
Any images you supply need to be given to us in high resolution format. Please ensure that you hold the copyright for all images supplied. Images sourced from Google and other online sources are not usable from a licensing and quality point of view, so we advise against them. Halo Media takes no responsibility for the licensing of images supplied to us. We can purchase images for you (if we purchase them then we are the license holders) or we can give you the image requirements for you to purchase them. Finally, we can recommend photographers should you require your own imagery.

Specifications (Specs)
We require full specs upfront. E.g. Advert sizes must have type, trim and bleed areas. If you are printing a poster and it is going to go into a clip frame, we need to be advised so that we can allow relevant space for the frame area. Please give us specs if required. If specs are not supplied or advised of, and the sizing has to be redone after the design has been done, this will require a change order and additional costs.

Read more about how to supply content here.



Main changes are made at concept / first draft:
We supply concepts – it is at this stage that we can have design changes made. Once that design is “rolled out”, major changes will be billed for at an additional rate. This applies to both visual and written concepts.

We supply concepts – it is at this stage that we can have design changes made. Once that design is “rolled out”, major changes will be billed for at an additional rate. This applies to both visual and written concepts.

Two revisions (not major*) are allowed:
If we have too many revisions, errors creep in and the estimated time is exceeded. If we have not followed your change correctly, revising that change will not be included in the three revisions. Should you wish more than two sets of revisions this will require a change order and additional costs will apply.

No telephonic changes are allowed:
All changes have to be supplied in writing. This is to ensure that we have the correct information and to avoid errors creeping in. It allows our design team to cross reference to ensure we have followed your instructions correctly.

Final artwork:
We require a minimum of one full working day from approval of the project before creating final files. This is to allow us time to schedule in a team member who is not working on the project to look over it with fresh eyes. If we are rushed, we cannot do this check and your document could have errors.

Read more about how we work here.



Our team will check work before sending it out. This includes:

  • A team member reading it over.
  • Spell check: Running a spell check (remember that some words are spelt correctly but not correct e.g. “right” and “write”) so they will not show up in spell check
  • Proofing: We will run a “pre-flight” – this is a technical test for print documents which checks aspects like font size, image resolution, colour values etc. If you would like some advise on proofing, please let us know and we can share some tips. We highly advise you to go through this yourself before giving us approval, as we won’t be able to send through final files without your approval.
  • Approval: We require written approval before we can submit artwork. Please remember that work is supplied on an "as is" basis and we cannot take responsibility for the files thereafter.

*What constitutes “Major Changes”?

We can easily make small changes (changing numbers, colours, names etc.) but big changes to the structure of the document have a knock-on effect. This will incur extra time and will affect your final pricing. If major changes are required, the project will be placed on hold until a change order has been negotiated.



We’re committed to giving you a valuable and successful service, and ideally to making friends along the way. We do make mistakes (and we take turns whipping each other when they are made) but we do our best to avoid them. Please, at any stage, talk to us if you have a concern or suggestions to as how we can improve our service.

We look forward to working with you!